Land Transfers for Jan. 10-23

Published 9:48 pm Friday, January 24, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

January 10 to 23 Land Transfers

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Jeff Meier; 135 Creekfront Lane; $446,790

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Hastings and Sons LLC to Nastassja Alvarado; 121 Willow Lane; $259,900

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2026 Petersen Way; $210,000

Roselaind Faulks to Kenneth Huff II; 806 Teton Circle; $140,000

US Bank National Association, trustee, to Current Homes LLC; 214 Archers Drive; $167,420

Susan Malloy to Jeffrey Wandell; 233 Waterwood Way; $248,000

Jaime Scott to Elizabeth Montgomery; 3606 Pasture Cove; $254,900

Falcon Real Estate Group Inc. to Tishshera Mitchell; 109 Camel Back Court; $319,900

Rosa Tillery to Lee Artis; 528 Ocklawaha Ave.; $52,000

Sandy Tucker, trustee, to Nathan Steigenga; 418 Reids Ferry Road; $177,500

John Kowalski IV to Jessica Paschal; 5007 Breleigh Lane; $245,000

Robert Brown to Eugene Provost; 1870 Cherry Grove Road; $598,000

Michael Pellerito Sr. to Angela Hilliard; 2108 Silver Charm Circle; $255,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Mike Duman Real Estate LLC; 174 Murphys Mill Road; $51,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Merald Walker; 121 Bowman Drive; $383,900

AMAC Properties LLC to Joy & William LLC; 414 S. Division St.; $400,000

Brian McNatt to Rex Self; 5028 Kelso St.; $305,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to RSL Homes LLC; 5628 Plummer Blvd.; $161,500

Kenzie Davenport to Mary Karnuth; 133 Gene Ave.; $184,900

Mary Karnuth to Kenzie Davenport; 336 Northbrooke Ave.; $265,000

Cobb Land to James Wright; 649 Manning Road; $162,000

Pine Grove Properties to Grove at Western Branch LLC; 43.17 acres; $12,463,500

Dwanda Dawson to Jeremiah Maines; 2202 Humphreys Drive; $229,000

Frank Bryant to Ocean House LLC; 4244 Driver Lane; $20,000

Ubiquitous Properties LLC to Alfonzo Artis; Lot 16, Oakland; $171,000

Belleharbour Properties LLC to Portsmouth SB LLC; Lot 3 Section 2 Bernhowne Manor; $67,000

Canaan Properties Incorporated to Portsmouth SB LLC; 6.755 acres; $1,058,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Tamera Larsen; 3422 Raintree Circle; $204,000

Ronelo Navarra to Christopher Rash; 5015 Huntclub Chase; $269,000

William Jordan to Carolyn Burns; 110 Kristen Lane; $215,000

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Lot 70 Section 1 East Suffolk Gardens; $118,260

Steven McShane to Hardee Realty Corporation; 3042 Bay Shore Lane; $312,500

Robert Hall to Harold Diedrick; 4036 Adams Swamp Road; $38,000

Jared Martin to Ana Rivera; 282 Burnetts Way; $160,900

Matthew Picinich to Seth Wurm; 2743 Burning Tree Lane; $329,000

Jones Swamp LLC to True Blue Bailey LLC; 1650 Holland Corner Road; $160,000

Staceyann Dawson to Timothy Wilson; 312 N. Capital St.; $99,000

NVR Inc. to Veronica Whitley; 2043 Petersen Way; $213,410

BOKF NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 6143 Whaleyville Blvd.; $10

FFC Properties LLC to Tyrone Carter Jr.; 2018 Augusta Court; $272,500

FFC Properties LLC to Alexandra Ross; 215 Bridgewater Court; $300,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2090 Petersen Way; $348,000

NVR Inc. to Thomas Behl; 125 Freedom Lane; $352,320

NVR Inc. to Patrick Hentz Jr.; 2041 Petersen Way; $209,480

Par 3 Development Group LLC to William Lester; 1149 Carolina Road; $60,000

John H. Martin Enterprises to BWB Homes LLC; Charlotte St.; $35,000

Bluebird LLC to Spencer Demory; 311 Pinner St.; $38,900

Mary Donovan to John Froze; 4704 Schooner Blvd.; $334,900

Bank of America NA to Clearview Homes Va LLC; 128 Raleigh Drive; $75,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Alisha Giddens; 4072 Ravine Gap Drive; $360,359

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Peter Perez; 317 Northbrooke Ave.; $160,550

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 6716 Quaker Drive; $10

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Laquita Brooks Brown; 2011 Barka Drive; $250,000

Maurice Waller to Deshanda Warren; 6217 Freeman Ave.; $199,500

Ellen Fisher to Jonathan Sebrell; 5111 N. Kemper Lakes Court; $430,000

Beth Crawley to Robert Gross; 3078 Jasmine Lane; $185,000

Winfred Ward Jr., trustee, to Bruce Baker; 134 Sharpe Drive; $319,000

Planters Station LLC to Kim Whitaker; 206 Station Drive; $393,800

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Swabel LLC; 311 S. Main St.; $100,011

Nancy Cross to Matthew Ferry; 605 Virginia Ave.; $157,000

Timothy Hardy Sr. to N&K Builders LLC; 5633 Frank St.; $109,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Demetrius Lowe; 115 Dutchland Trail; $207,500

Eric Clanton, Jr. to Bobby Stubblefield; 154 Ashford Drive; $225,000

BCS Homes LLC to William Allen; 96 Childress St.; $382,200

Benjamin Tawes to Jeffery Gagin; 2003 Woodshire Way; $283,000

Arlene Wright to F&F Homes LLC; 2293 William Reid Drive; $85,000

Donald Everett to Resquiveles LLC; Brooke Ave.; $18,000

Jeffrey Gerlach to James Boyce; 1808 Oyster Bay Lane; $279,000

James Dobson to Timothy Webster; 661 Turlington Road; $255,000

Upton Farms Inc. to McGowan Group Incorporated; 5474 Nansemond Parkway; $1,546,500

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Current Homes LLC; 1210 Woods Edge Circle; $143,075

John H Byrum Living Trust to Brenton Talbot; 5049 Exeter Drive; $213,000

Tayler Bluemel to Trystan McFarlin; 113 Toddsbury Court; $238,000

NVR Inc. to Stephanie Warren; 2039 Petersen Way; $220,650

Lillian Gaston to March Swamp Plantation LLC; 0 Gates Road; $30,000

Muhammad Amjad to Jorge Gonzalez Maldonaldo; 9388 Rivershore Drive; $499,900