Church to hold prayer revival

Published 9:46 pm Monday, January 27, 2020

A local church will hold a community-wide prayer revival this week, and all are invited.

The two-night revival will take place Thursday and Friday at New Mount Joy Food for Living Ministries, according to Elder Terrell Wiggins, who is the host of the prayer revival.

Wiggins said people from all over the Hampton Roads area are invited.

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“This is an idea that I feel the spirit of God gave me to do,” he said, noting that many churches have their own prayer revivals but there are few community-wide ones. “I haven’t seen or heard where there has been a prayer revival for the entire area where everybody comes together to do this.”

Wiggins believes there needs to be more prayer because of all of the negative things going on, he said.

“There’s been a lot going on, in our nation recently, in our local communities,” he said. “There are a lot of families that are grieving the loss of loved ones, not only through sickness or disease but through violence, gun violence, tragic accidents. There’s things that are happening that put everybody on edge.

“It was on my heart that we need to get back to prayer,” he continued. “I believe the more we pray, the more God will be able to intervene into our lives. He did tell us to ask; He told us to seek Him; He told us to knock and the door would be opened.”

Wiggins said it’s likely the event will continue in future years.

“I’m praying it gets larger and larger every time we do it,” he said.

New Mount Joy Food for Living Ministries is located at 307 County St. The event will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday.