Student lunch debt reduced

Published 9:45 pm Monday, January 27, 2020

Members of a North Suffolk church donated $40,000 to reduce lunch debt for students in Suffolk Public Schools.

Believers Church, located at 6801 Bridgeway Drive, had initially planned on raising $20,000 for this purpose, but when it learned that the debt was several thousand dollars more than that, they decided to raise more.

Superintendent Dr. John B. Gordon said the division was thankful to the church for its donation.

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“We all know how important it is to ensure that our students have the opportunity to have nutritious meals while at school,” Gordon said in a statement, “but we also know that there is a cost associated with this opportunity. Having the support of community organizations such as Believers Church can assist our students and the school division in reducing debt while continuing to serve our students.”

Each year around the holiday season, the church challenges its members to donate above and beyond its regular giving to meet three needs in the community, with one of this year’s efforts helping to pay off school lunch debt.

“We are thrilled to let hundreds of families know that your current school lunch debt has been paid off or reduced because of the generosity of members and friends at Believers Church,” a news release notes about the announcement. “That’s it! No strings attached! Believers is a church on the give and this gift is a free act of LOVE.”