Off-ramp needed: An addendum

Published 10:21 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2020

To the editor:

The letter written to the editor of the Suffolk News-Herald, and printed on Sunday, Feb. 2 (Off-ramp should be built”), concerning an off-ramp, was misunderstood as to the Olde Mill Creek community and Wilroy Industrial Park, as well as getting around train delays that occur off Wirloy Road.

A ramp built would ease up and reduce traffic flow through the communities of Olde Mill Creek and Wilroy Industrial Park, and forgo train delays, therefore allowing drivers better access to communities connected near Portsmouth Boulevard, East Washington Street and Nansemond Parkway.

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The ramp provides a back door for the named communities from trains slow moving and stopping at the entrance of homes and businesses.

Such an off-ramp built would provide a great relief for Suffolkians and other travelers.

Rev. Dr. Wong-ya G. Jones Sr.