Demiel embraces leadership role for Lady Cavs

Published 10:40 pm Friday, February 7, 2020

Jamauri Demiel was voted Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after scoring 17 points in a Lakeland High School win over Grassfield High School.

The young Lady Cavs basketball team has been one of the more exciting stories in South Hampton Roads this season. After winning less than five games last season, they have more than doubled their win total from last season. It has also been a solid year for sophomore Jamauri Demiel. Demiel dropped 17 points in a win against Grassfield to lead Lakeland to its 10th win.

“I went into that game with confidence,” Demiel said. “I was mentally prepared, and I had goals set as far as my performance for that particular game. So, once the game started, I came in with energy from the start. Working the ball around with my teammates, and they found a way to find me when I was open, allowing me to execute.”

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Demiel came into her sophomore year wanting to build on a promising freshman year. Over the summer, she worked on her jump shot and being able to finish through contact, which she knew was essential to having success playing in the Southeastern District. She also took a step forward in the leadership department, being named team captain this season, and she has taken full advantage of that opportunity.

“I just wanted to be able to lead the team on and off the court,” Demiel said. “I knew I had a responsibility. I was doing everything I could to make our bond stronger as a team.”

Despite a tough year last year, Demiel knew it wasn’t a talent issue with the Lady Cavs. It was more of an experience thing as the team members continued to figure each other out. Now that the Lady Cavs have taken that next step, they seem to be getting better and better.

The Lakeland sophomore’s biggest motivation comes from her family. She has a strong support system, and she feels the last thing she wants to do is to let them down. She likes to watch Kyrie Irving, NBA All-Star for the Brooklyn Nets, to be able to learn certain moves he does on the court to be able to create separation from the defense.

As Lakeland heads into the postseason soon, Demiel is excited about the potential of what Lakeland could possibly accomplish. She feels Lakeland has the talent to make a run at a Class 3 state title, but knows it will take a lot of hard work.

“We’ll be facing teams with more experience than us, but I feel like we have the capability to do some good things,” she said.