Shop local for Valentine’s

Published 9:33 pm Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the most beloved Hallmark holiday of the year. It’s a day that was created specifically to sell flowers, chocolates and, of course, greeting cards to people who feel pressured to engage in oneupsmanship.

The Beatles sang “Can’t Buy Me Love,” but the proprietors of many businesses hope you’ll disregard the advice of the Fab Four and try anyway.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with flowers, chocolates or greeting cards, or indeed Valentine’s Day in general. Nor is there anything wrong with going out to eat, buying jewelry or surprising your significant other with something else special, just for them.

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But this year, we’re encouraging you that whatever your plans for spoiling your Valentine (or yourself, or your friends, or even your dog) may be, do it locally.

There are many owners of local restaurants who would love to have your business this weekend. Many local businesses are ready and willing to sell you flowers, candy, jewelry, gift certificates, special treats, exquisite experiences and more for your main squeeze. Even if you’re getting something for your pets this Valentine’s, we bet you can find something for them, too.

Much emphasis is placed on shopping local for Christmas, but how many of us think about shopping (and eating) local at Valentine’s Day and other holidays? We encourage you to make it a year-round habit and, perhaps, start a new tradition this Valentine’s Day that will benefit your community as well as your special someone.