What it means to be ‘caught up’

Published 10:07 pm Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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By Ariane Williams

To intercept or to hold is what it means to be caught by something: physical or spiritual. There are times when we will experience a season of caught or a season of release. It is in this season that you will be set free.

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to locate the source that is trying to catch you. The source can be external, or the source can be internal. If you stay obedient in this place, you will be able to spot the source that is keeping you stuck, and you will move into a season of release.

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For weeks, I was frustrated, because something was destroying the clothes in my dryer. The corners of our clothes were burnt. I could not figure out the source of this destruction, but I had no choice but to keep on using the dryer. There were some clothes that I could no longer hold on to anymore. I had no choice but to throw those things away.

Every time I opened the dryer, I saw a group of clothes bunched up in one corner. I never tried to figure out what was gripping those clothes in one corner. One day, I decided to get down to the bottom of this mystery. I opened the dryer and located a bunch of washcloths caught in one corner. I did not have a good grip, so I had to stick my head all the way in the dryer, and that is when I discovered that a zipper was the source that was catching and causing the destructing of the clothes. How can something so small do so much damage? Be careful of those little distractions in your life that can cause destruction.

Sometimes, you need some help with removing the things in your life. My husband had to help me remove the zipper. After all, this affected him as well. It affected our whole household. I had to hold back a part of the dryer so that my husband could remove the zipper. Just like that, everything was back to normal.

God will send people that you can trust to help you in the removal process. I had some scrapes and bruises in the process of removing the zipper, but I had a goal. My goal was to save my clothes from being destroyed. I want to encourage you in this season of your life to hold and pull. Remove those things that are holding you back.

Although I was upset that I had to let some of my clothes go, I survived. You will survive. You are not destroyed. The lesson was more valuable than the clothes. The zippers in your life will no longer hold you back. There are going to be times when you must bend all the way down to see what is trying to catch hold of you. Find it and remove it. I pray for increase, new visions and fullness in the areas that you had to let go. I pray that those things that are trying to negatively catch you will be intercepted and destroyed and will never reach you. Your vision will be protected. Your gifts will be protected.

I had to face the thing that was trying to destroy my clothes. Take ownership of what belongs to you in this season. Claim it. Do not allow what does not belong to you to claim a space in your place. You are no longer caught up.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at arianewilliams810@yahoo.com.