Focus on acceptance of yourself

Published 10:24 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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To the editor:

I am writing in response to the column titled “The Affirming Mirror,” by QuaWanna Bannarbie, published in your newspaper on March 5, 2020. In the column, she talks about affirmation and reassurance gained from looking within a mirror.

Of course, reassurance is a fulfilling and enjoyable feeling to have. This assurance, however, doesn’t just come from your opinion of yourself but also from the way that you think others may see you. This two-ness vision of yourself and of the way others see you is a good way to be aware of yourself and your ability to fit in to society, but it can also sometimes be harmful.

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Too often people fall into the trap of basing everything they do based solely upon the thoughts and vision of others rather than having their own personal view. I believe this “magic” mirror of yours can serve as a double-edged blade. While it can give you the positive feeling of reassurance at times, it can also be harmful if you look in the mirror and see things that others would not like. Therefore, it is beneficial to look past the idea of two consciousnesses and focus solely on acceptance of yourself through your own eyes.

I believe that this mindset truly allows for more happiness in one’s life.

Carlos Perez