Land Transfers for Feb. 28-March 5

Published 10:53 pm Friday, March 13, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Feb. 28 to March 5

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition to Keith Thompson; 321 S. Main St.; $61,500

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NVR Inc. to Darryl Rodgers; 2073 Petersen Way; $267,570

NVR Inc. to Deborah Bond; 2029 Petersen Way; $205,990

Michael Lindgren to Alexis Gennaro; 1057 Pitchkettle Road; $239,900

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Tracy Schmidt; 134 Brookside Lane; $316,295

NVR Inc. to Martenia Wommack; 2027 Petersen Way; $218,645

NVR Inc. to Johnny Lassiter Sr.; 2074 Petersen Way; $303,665

Charles Ghallagher III to Pablo Kim; 504 Lakeside Drive; $168,500

Ronald Williams, treasurer, to City of Suffolk; Lot 3 East Boston 0.07 Acres; $7,000

Sarah Hockaday to Clifton Trent; 5636 Person St.; $90,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Hastings and Sons LLC; 6972 Crittenden Road; $55,500

Shelia Benton to Jennifer Blow; Lot 72 Huntersville; $212,000

Timothy Martin to Brandy Thomas; 2354 Copeland Road; $299,900

Planters Station LLC to Anthony Giles; 110 Station Drive; $33,975

Roddy Wiggins to David Baker; 102 Graystone Trace; $244,900

Tina Walls to Robert Conti, trustee; 1516 Sleepy Lake Parkway; $374,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Brittany Thompson; 5307 Sports Club Run; $299,900

Orange Sisters LLC to SBA Towers IX LLC; 708 W. Constance Road; $250,000

Gregory Hill III to Kimberly Walker; 1208 Waters Edge Lane; $170,000

Daniel Streeter to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; 405 White Oak Lane; $205,354

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 405 White Oak Lane; $205,354

NVR Inc. to Nathaniel Sarracent; 2035 Petersen Way; $209,500

Michael Holloman to William Martin III; 2000 Fairway Drive; $347,000

NVR Inc. to Ashley Key; 2037 Petersen Way; $211,650

Jennifer Byrum to Nathaniel Casler; 232 Longstreet Lane; $250,000

James Johnson III to Zachary Legg; 245 W. Liberty Spring Road; $18,000

Nathaniel Hurt III to Christopher Grandison Jr.; 6707 Braebourne Court; $349,900

Mark Buttolph to Shaine Patterson; 6234 Apple St.; $377,500

Gold Group Inc. to Douglas Odio; 3140 Manning Road; $169,900

Jeffery Gordon to Michael Hardy; 105 Walker Court; $365,000

Tammy Carrier to Dianna Longwell; 6839 Holy Neck Road; $120,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to MWM Investments LLC; 1003 Freeney Ave.; $28,500

Delmar Spivey Jr. to Grubstake LLC; 569 Turlington Road; $109,589

Scott Gray to Steven Gisinger; 5057 Huntclub Chase; $250,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to James Wright; 1340 Meade Drive; $328,000

Found and Lost Company to Fred Walker Jr.; 201 and 201 ½ Raleigh Ave.; $32,000

Louis Melville III, trustee, to Stacie Parker; 1053 Bay Breeze Drive; $293,000

Brittany Jones to Edward Johnson; 1006 Boundry Drive; $289,900

Kirk Engler to Nathan Parker; 122 Mistral Terrace; $289,900

NVR Inc. to Carlicea Mitchell; 2000 Petersen Way; $213,000

Bryan Brew to Anthony Aducci; 6047 Mainsail Lane; $386,000

NVR Inc. to Tony Williams; 2078 Petersen Way; $318,545

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Nicholas Hogwood; 3472 Raintree Circle; $375,999

Janet Salmon to Mary Griffin; 619 W. Constance Road; $175,000

Tony Nozar to Joseph Pena; 3215 Shelter Cove Court; $630,000

James Durden Jr. to Kena Walker; 204 Raleigh Ave.; $186,900

Douglas German to Logan Bayly; 5008 Prestwick St.; $228,000

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Nathan Roosendaal; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 604; $238,200

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Anderson Nyeche; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 601; $241,000

Betty Reeves, trustee, to Brandon Sparenborg; 2549 Whaleyville Blvd.; $230,000

James Walton to BAKERENTERPRISESVA LLC; 127 Bute St.; $39,535

Lori Palagyi, trustee, to Jonathan Cantor; 1516 Olde Mill Creek; $400,000

John Griffin to Cerise Covington; 3013 Stonecreek Drive; $330,000

Demetria Owens to Ruby Valenzuela; 515 Waterway Court; $215,000

Jameela Alter to Anthony Dempski; 123 Torrington Circle; $440,000

Craig Hearn to Tony Nozar; 502 Crystal Bay Circle; $300,000

Nichole Hamm to Henry Drew Jr.; 4028 Kingston Parkway; $309,000

William Shinn to Evangeline Gormley; 2009 Heron Court; $412,650

Tyler Buxton to Vernita Pierce; 222 Abingdon Circle; $199,000

JP Brooks LLC to Angela Rivers; 311 Kilby Ave.; $160,000

Karen Turner to James Klinedinst; 127 Sharpe Drive; $344,000

David Gordon to Michael Eley Jr.; 2008 Patrick Drive; $355,000

Maya Ingram to Nikkia Martin; 1312 Island Park Circle; $225,000

Matthew Winters to Kristin Goodwin; 121 Grove Ave.; $229,900