Land Transfers for March 20-26

Published 9:48 pm Friday, April 3, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 20 to 26

R & K Suffolk Properties LLC to Strange Properties LLC; 0 Holland Road, Lot 35 Oak Ridge Bethlehem Terrace; $405,000

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Sharon Smith to City of Suffolk; 6482 Hampton Roads Parkway; $1,100,000

Pruden Family Limited Partnership to 124 LLC; 125 Beechwood Drive; $69,900

Elizabeth Boone to James Durden Jr.; 202 Raleigh Ave.; $36,400

Pruden Family Limited Partnership to Sanzio Properties LLC; 108 Raleigh Drive; $70,000

Planters Station LLC to Derrick Crews; 107 McCormick Drive; $324,800

City of Suffolk Economic Development to Gees Holdings LLC; Parcel A-2 The Point at Harbour View; $1,160,000

City of Suffolk Economic Development to Gees Group Partners LLC; Parcel BMP-1 The Point at Harbour View; $1,732,780

Darrel Vance to Jonathan Walker; 1778 Kings Fork Road; $510,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc.; 137 Independence Court; $90,500

Jonathan Hull to Joshua Crosby; 2124 Piedmont Road; $310,000

Ralph Owens to Joshua Miller; 5965 Bennetts Creek Lane; $475,000

Marc Mora to Kyle Johnson; 221 Jonathans Way; $282,000

Willie Green to Nevarose Management LLC; Ashley Avenue, Lot 33 Block 1 Saratoga 0.9 acres; $32,000

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty-OneĀ LLC to Earl Williams; 213 Cobblestone Reach; $325,150

Riverfront Golf Club LLC to Real Investment at Riverfront; 5315 Sports Club Run; $540,000

East Coast Development Group Inc. to Calvin Brown; 4032 Evan Circle; $532,900

NRGC Development LLC to Jonas Larry Jr.; 119 Peck Lane; $284,991

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2044 Van Zandt Parkway; $348,000

Rosibel Cotton to Michael Law Jr.; 400 Collier Crescent; $227,000

Matthew McCune to Gregory Hill; 105 Royal Oak Court; $300,000

Marilyn Blain to Juan Rodriguez; 5025 Riverfront Drive; $394,900

Johnnie Reid to Maria Phelps; 708 Dill Road; $190,000

Cheryl Askew to Tomika Artis; 5022 Prestwick St.; $226,000

Solomons Builders Inc. to Stephanie Saruse; 330 Lummis Road; $369,900

NVR Inc. to Roy Dunbar Jr.; 124 Independence Court; $418,990

Brian Moody to Daisha Radcliffe; 6232 Freeman Ave.; $204,000

Nadine Fridy to Dominque Weldin; 364 Canaan Circle; $326,000

James Durden Jr. to Daniel Childress; 2135 Airport Road; $247,570

Daniel Construction Corp to Sherry Williams; 407 Nevada St.; $152,000

Katherine Christian to Kimberly Karle; 4016 Abercorn Drive; $250,000

Stanley Chiles to Carneal Brannigan; 407 Terrywood Drive; $317,500

Angela Cooper to Donald Bills; 145 Rochdale Lane; $300,100

Steven Mingee to Deionte Smith; 7118 Arrington St. Unit 130; $250,000

Christopher Wheat to Nicholas Deluca; 6888 Quaker Drive; $250,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Matthew Grandy; 2026 Anthony Place; $576,301

KFV Homes LLC to Bryant Hare; 111 Blessing Circle; $361,405

Adam Rogers to Paul Taylor; 8932 River Crescent; $435,000

NVR Inc. to Gary Gregg; 109 Civil Court; $460,516

NVR Inc. to Kenya Davis; 2000 Van Zandt Parkway; $224,000

C&J Riverbluff LLC to Nicholas Reid; 5628 River Bluff Drive; $230,000

RSL Homes LLC to Kim Yancy; 5628 Plummer Blvd.; $219,000

Jeffrey Pasquino to Martin Erwin; 2128 Soundings Crescent Court; $375,000

Alicia Lawrence to Megan Coyle; 101 Highfield Road; $313,000

Jason Sadler to Ren Perry; 1609 Upton Place; $280,000

Blackwater Investment Group LLC to Dwayne Moore Jr.; 1280 Holland Road; $195,000

Schaubach Holdings Inc. to R & K Properties of Suffolk LLC; 3464 Pruden Blvd.; $1,150,000