Strengthen your immune system

Published 10:41 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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To the editor:

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to be a spreading health crisis that America is struggling to maintain. Americans have found it hard, since this crisis has begun, to carry on with everyday life. As residents of the state of Virginia are starting to feel the impact of this disease, it is important to remember to not only do less traveling, reducing the amount of exposure of this disease, but also to incorporate better health habits.

Staying home and washing your hands are important habits to practice especially during this time. Another important healthy habit will be eating more fruits and vegetables. While this habit is often the most avoided practice, it may help to improve, even strengthen one’s immune system. This practice may allow for a fighting chance against contracting this disease. According to an article published by Harvard, “How to improve your immune system,” eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables as well as acquiring an adequate amount of sleep are seen as ways to improve one’s immune system. These are important habits to practice, as the lower one’s immune system is, the more susceptible they are to this disease.

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A’cyani Privott