Land Transfers for March 27-April 2

Published 9:51 pm Friday, April 10, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 27 to April 2

Federal National Mortgage Association to Lamar Gibson; 2422 Cherry Blossom Drive; $277,000

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Widener Corporation to Ronald Cannatella Jr.; 310 Bridlewood Lane; $515,000

Norberto Roman to Kendra Pitts; 6090 Newington Place; $257,900

Janice Copeland to Tele Homes LLC; 309 Jackson St.; $33,500

Bank of New York Mellon to Wellington Martin; 3711 Pughsville Road; $225,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Thaddeus Faison; 434 Terrywood Drive; $324,900

NVR Inc. to Gerald Lumpkin; 2045 Petersen Way; $208,490

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Phillip Wright; 200 Creek Front Lane; $527,399

Landlovers LLC to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 8373 Crittenden Road; $50,000

Clearview Homes Va LLC to Latoya Jones; 210 N. Broad St.; $174,900

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Breon Bailey; 125 Sandcastle Circle; $398,900

Spencer Hill to Jason Yealey; 3900 Manning Road; $575,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Kathleen Nelson; 202 Creekfront Lane; $532,269

David Rosado to Keith Hunter Jr.; 2114 Redgate Drive; $318,000

Arnaldo Pinero to Tyler Moylan; 309 Waterwood Way; $250,000

Richard Glaunert to Morgan Overton; 2013 Nicklaus Drive; $248,000

Jaimmy Pasalich to Antonio Rodriguez II; Lot 1 Block A Plat Number 1 of Carver Terrace Subdivision; $195,000

MWM Investments LLC to Heritage Family Properties LLC; 1003 Freeney Ave.; $56,500

Parker Crossing LLC to Juan Ayala; 2647 River Watch Drive; $500,000

Austin Leblanc to Cameron Brown; 518 Ashely Ave.; $184,500

Unlimited Investors Incorporated to Jevonta Beckett; 1206 Truman Road; $149,000

Samantha Pulverenti to Jermaine Steward; 826 Haskins Drive; $206,000

Daniel Levinsky to Timothy Butler; 4537 Godwin Blvd.; $369,000

Christopher Snider to George Spady IV; 5509 Weatherby Way; $245,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Marlin Taylor; 127 Sandcastle Circle; $389,314

NVR Inc. to Kearia Williams; 2016 Petersen Way; $205,760

NVR Inc. to Connor Lundell; 2070 Petersen Way; $268,990

Planters Station LLC to Ameliana Winston; 225 McCormick Drive; $314,225

Resquiveles LLC to Tiffany Bradley; 406 Linden Ave.; $182,000

Dillard Horton Jr. to KRBCB LLC; 140 Herman Court; $255,000

Teresa Jacobsen to Adam Brinkley; 1439 Lipton Circle; $201,000

John Leggett Jr. LLC to Robertson Investments LLC; N&W RR HWY 58 Johnson; $235,000

Jason Barrett to Michael Wales; 121 Little Fork Road; $340,000

Home Choice America LLC to Sherie Davis; 803 Nixon Drive; $140,000

Robert Deschamps Jr. to Va Homes LLC; 1210 Holland Road; $107,000

Allan Drewry to Jonathan Rolsheim; 6220 Apple St.; $293,000

Michael Robinson to Michael Kim; 3324 Mintonville Point Road; $399,900

Rodney Ham to Demetris Aldridge; 1474 Elderberry Road; $364,900

NVR Inc. to Kevin Sparks; 2085 Petersen Way; $301,570

Darryl Howard Jr. to Ariana Aguirre; 1017 Rachels Drive; $304,000

Richard Williams to Cindy Ritch; 121 Roberts Court; $217,900

NVR Inc. to William Spalsbury; 2086 Petersen Way; $300,865

NVR Inc. to Adrienne Turner; 2014 Petersen Way; $215,860

NVR Inc. to Brittany Russell; 2012 Petersen Way; $224,550

Matthew Feeley to Irene Doiron; 114 Sharpe Drive; $329,000

William Gantt Jr. to Sherry Kesler; 111 Governors Lane; $385,000

NVR Inc. to Otoniel Ramirez; 2018 Petersen Way; $209,990

William Babb to Cathy Culbertson; 1481 Lipton Circle; $170,000

Jack Babb to William Babb; 301 Babbtown Road; $90,000

Antwan Tillman to Tavares Carson; 211 Bennetts Grove Lane; $365,000

Steve Warren to Todd Bronson; 223 Cedar St.; $229,000

Sigifredo Huerta to Robert Reinstein; 2068 Nicklaus Drive; $240,000

David Magee to Hayley Derscheid; 135 Woodlake Terrace; $284,900

Evelyn Daniels to Robert Slade; 3209 Holland Road; $55,000

Rosa Smith to Daniels Construction Corp; 4277 Carolina Road; $90,000

FFC Properties LLC to Sigifredo Huerta Jr.; 120 Torrington Circle; $509,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sonya Lee; 924 Diggs Court; $75,000

Peter Giulgliano to Dhanjay Patel; 3353 Oyster Creek Drive; $367,000

Michael Jones to Trevor Hoover; 1062 Snead Drive; $280,000

Catherine Evanoff to John Mulvey; 536 W. Riverview Drive; $345,000

Leroy Fung to Eric Orgnon; 108 Carriage House Drive; $370,000

David Ostman to Carl Williams II; 203 Blackstone Way; $263,500

Brian Herold to Matthew Breeden; 215 Great Fork Road; $247,000

Kayla Stanley to Steven Wilson; 2752 Bennetts Pasture Road; 4229,900

Greenhouse Properties LLC to Edna Mustin; 311 Bruce St.; $267,000