Land Transfers for April 17 to 23

Published 7:28 pm Friday, April 24, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Janelle Green to Joelle Cooper; 5017 Breleigh Lane; $250,000

Ryan Pierce to Michael Piantedosi; 1119 Driver Pointe Court; $370,000

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Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 125 Independence Court; $90,500

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 117 Independence Court; $90,500

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Jacqueline Hernandez; 4500 Wise St.; $349,900

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Courtney Dudley; 2409 Highview Court; $485,184

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Brian Roberts; 5309 Sports Club Run Unit 501; $363,000

Robert Leary to Bruce Law; Gardner Lane, Lot 4 Coves at Lake Prince Woods; $240,000

Gillikin Revocable Living Trust to William Matos; 4419 Brighton Mews; $335,000

Jill Hathaway to Kaycee Bierwirth; 3007 Livery St.; $236,000

Pamela Miller to Axis Builders Corporation LLC; 6128 Old Myrtle Road; $90,000

Michael Davis II to Courtney Hanson; 3522 Cider Lane; $440,000

Jonatan Manso to Alyssa Campagna; 481 Wedgewood Drive; $352,000

Ladedra Alford to Brittany; 303 Teton Court; $176,000

Ladoris Carter to Carl Alexander Jr.; 6313 Scottsfield Drive; $210,000

Thomas Baines to Cody Baines; 501 Military Road; $125,000

CTO Enterprises LLC to Debbra Boyd; 278 Burnetts Way; $180,000

Lucille Spivey to Earl Cross; 6501 Ferry Point Road; $575,000

Donna E Buttles Living Trust Date to Clayton Snyder; 2046 Nicklaus Drive; $235,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Thomas Bryan; 137 Creekfront Lane; $470,000

Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC to Dylan Crawford; 4524 Marlin Ave.; $340,000

Carolyn Winbornjames to John D Parks Revocable Trust; Wellons Street; $8,000

Leroy Hansen to Sarah Combs; 3629 Ithaca Trail; $228,000

Kenneth Boyer to Victor Goode; 2006 Fieldstone Lane; $419,500

Claude Terry to Joel Fortune; 6789 Burbage Lake Circle; $175,000

Zachary Krueger to Anthony Hartsock; 109 Spivey Farm Lane; $320,000

NVR Inc. to Damon Watts; 2084 Petersen Way; $314,630

Walter Dixon III to Bruce Vardaro; 1001 Quarter Horse Lane; $100,000

Kenneth Jackman Jr. to David Mari; 1935 Governors Pointe Drive; $459,900

C & M Homes LLC to Dylan Ward; 1161 Beaton St.; $172,900

Emmitt Hawks to Joshua Pearsall; 3239 Matoaka Road; $391,000

Jason Duke to Jason English; 3120 Kings Fork Road; $333,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc. to Lynnette Candis; 208 Pitchkettle Road; $204,900

Horace Cooper Jr. to Olivia Ford; 841 Mayflower Drive; $239,000

Stephen Cullins to Ginny Collier; 1584 Adams Drive; $379,000

Steven Beccarelli to Dean Newman; 3720 Mockingbird Lane; $253,000

Goodman Develope LLC to Kanika Blackmon; 406 Brook Ave.; $199,900

Cody Norris to Karson Row; 2825 N. Nansemond Drive; $229,900

Exzavier Bryson to Vinay Dhareshwar; 3002 Livery St.; $225,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Darald Kinne; 213 Preservation Reach; $354,065

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Aguilar Rosibel; Lot 1 Oak St.; $8,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Kenneth Delefavero; 0.83 acres; $10,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Camp Pond Road Trust; 0.95 acres; $7,500

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Aguilar Rosibel; 106 Halifax St.; $12,500

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Sawmill Point Road Trust #1749; 1749 Sawmill Point Road; $23,000

Clarence Brooks, special commissioner, to Aguilar Rosibel; Lot 32 Block 2 North Jericho; $11,000

Joseph Johnson III to John Hermanson; 1030 Boundary Drive; $315,000

FFC Properties LLC to Jorge Padin; 4276 Cole Ave.; $290,000

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc.; 2045 Van Zandt Parkway; $348,000

Glenn Sorrentino to Gerald Rhoads; 2820 S. Nansemond Drive; $192,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Joseph Rutherford Jr.; 130 Sandcastle Circle; $413,002

Devin Connelly to Kimberly Williams; 173 Rochdale Lane; $299,900

William Oglesby to Crystal Zakosky; 1317 Holland Road; $218,000

AB Homes LLC to Brian Ingram; 1040 Glen Haven Drive; $404,175

Corey Keaton to Terrence Knight; 6335 Scottsfield Drive; $187,000

Sasser Construction LC to Vernon Poyner Jr., trustee; 311 Tindalls Court; $160,000

Bryson Roberts to Amanda Wilkins; 3710 Pear Orchard Way; $215,000

NVR Inc. to Jeffrey McCants; 2098 Petersen Way; $298,075

Albert Nolan to Richard Sheldon; 216 Kingsboro St.; $184,900

NVR Inc. to Danovic Spell Sr.; 2096 Petersen Way; $297,575

Dwayne Black Sr. to David Holland; 2029 Indian Point Road; $403,000