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…And one for teachers

In this space on Wednesday, we had a special salute to nurses, since it was National Nurses Week, and since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given us a sharp vision of our nation’s need for nurses.

We can’t let the week pass, though, without a special recognition for teachers, as well. What are the odds that the special recognition weeks for two of our nation’s most dedicated and passionate public servant careers comes in the same week?

At any rate, yes, this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. For many of us, our first inspiration besides our parents is a teacher. And although most students can’t see their teachers in person right now, their teachers are so dedicated that they are still teaching remotely, redoing lesson plans to accommodate the virtual schooling, and even making plans for the coming year. They’re missing their students and grieving the end of a school year that hasn’t even technically ended yet, because it won’t happen without the usual pomp and circumstance. And they’re doing it all with the joy that comes with knowing they are helping children learn even in the midst of extraordinary times.

More than a few parents have learned while crisis schooling in the last couple of months just how much teachers are worth, if they didn’t already recognize it.

For all the teachers out there — from the ones who teach preschoolers to the ones who teach adult learners, from the ones who teach classrooms and subjects to the ones who teach computers, music, physical education, special education, speech therapy and so many others — thank you for being an inspiration to those in your charge. We all owe you a debt that can never be repaid.