Land Transfers for June 12-18

Published 8:53 pm Friday, June 26, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

┬áJune 12 – 18

Tony A Rand to David E Norris Jr; 314 Page Place; $232,000

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NVR Inc to Stephanie Anderson; 2032 Petersen Way; $210,150

Lee Blanchard to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes; 2502 Lake Cohoon Road; $85,100

Carl Leslie Hertzler to Theodore R White; 4000 Harvest Reach Lane: $490,000

Robert Gilbert Harrison to William R Craig Sr; 6752 Burbage Landing Circle; $325,000

164 Tynes Street LLC to Michael Howard; 164 Tynes Street; $31,000

Jerry Earl Warren Jr to Mark M Pruden; 9084 River Crescent; $439,900

Joshua B Dunham to Brock J Gochenaur; 114 Burnett’s Court; $200,000

Janet Spain Brown TR to Simple Property 2 LLC; 521 W. Washington Street; $135,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 119 Musket Circle; $90,900

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 110 Musket Circle; $90,900

Moores Pointe LLC to NVR Inc; 2005 Van Zandt Parkway; $435,000

Deanna Davenport to William R Brandon; 1626 Ronald Drive; $336,000

Wendell S Banyay to Robert M Moskowitz; 137 Riverwood Trace; $512,000

David H Duke Devisee to Jeffrey M Arndt; 102 E Glen Haven Drive; $230,000

S Gordon Fears III to Aaron Snell; 2030 Regency Drive; $280,000

Nicholas A Walker to Shelia Y Little; 1212 Lake Kennedy Drive; $156,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Dwhan V Harrell; 103 Sandcastle Circle; $398,900

Danielle M Coston to Barbara Y Fleuridor; 1009 Erin Drive; $370,000

RF8B LLC to Elizabeth Ellen Ermatinger; 101 Drifter Drive; $409,627

Shawnah R Langley to Derek P Davis; 3002 Newbury Court; $320,000

John A Coontz to Martin Wall Terwilliger; 2109 Partridge Place; $499,900

Dynamite LLC to Second Chance Ranch LLC; 265 Liberty Springs Road; $226,300

Rudolph J Byrd AKA to Betty Daughtrey Ellis; 2616 Carolina Road; $50,000

NRZ REO VII LLC NPL to Thomas Badamo; 2001 Copeland Road; $71,000

Brenda B Ramsey to Leslie Judkins; 1431 Lipton Circle; $155,000

Ashdon Five Building Corporation to Marcus Andrew Goodwin; 312 Pebble Creek Drive; $265,000

Amanda Pratt to Nadia Accelin Lothian; 201 Blackstone Way; $255,000

Dakota M White to Cedric Poe; 6101 Compton Court; $292,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Batton I LLC; 139 Creekfront Lane; $527,000

BC Branch Enterprise Inc to Nolan B A Ruiz; 2609 East Washington Street; $219,990

Derrick G Snowden to Garland E Johnson; 2057 Brians Lane; $305,000

Matthew S Key Baldwin to Jeffrey Wansart; 2103 Canvasback Drive; $385,000

Daniel M Adams to Nicole Theresa Agricoli; 6201 Glenrose Drive; $310,000

Michael J Hutchinson to Timothy C Warness; 2716 Burning Tree Lane; $399,900

Andrew O Bergeron to Kevin L. Myatt; 315 West Constance Road Unit 217; $273,000

Kings For Village LLC to Napolitano Ventures Rentals LLC; 117 Blessings Circle; $75,000

Jocelyn Martinez Delgado to Joshua A Spence; 2017 Redgate Drive; $290,000

Wells Fargo Bank National Associates to Limin Zheng; 214 Jouster Way; $185,000

Ryan Dooley to Andrew J Ware; 209 Jennifer Court; $275,000

Corey Gulley to Brain D Norris; 113 Duthland Trail; $233,000

Regine D Josie to Lucy D Williams; 141 Dana Drive; $252,000

Joshua S Lyons to Matthew W Lynch; 114 Toddsbury Court; $256,500

Anita F Squires to Chasity L Baker; 521 Catapult Court; $164,900

James P Adams III to David Charles Wood; 2639 River Watch Drive; $367,000

Raymond P McKay to Charles Edmund Baker; 3505 Farrier Cove; $252,500

Christopher L Howell to Crystal Cowan; 3109 Woodlawn Drive; $200,000

Brian C Kay to Amanda M Van Der Linden; 6715 Hampton Roads Parkway; $235,000

Joshua Ryan to Mark Cisneros II; 2706 Windjammer Road; $345,000

Jonathan Hannan to Travis Wesley Brown; 6202 Harewood Lane; $324,900

Custom Builders Express LLC to Justin Jermone Burgos; 6936 Corinth Chapel Road; $259,900

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty to Christopher J Wills; 103 Beacon Run; $392,758

Sherwin Kevin Joseph to Doretha H Simpson; 633 Battery Avenue; $120,000

Terrence D Anderson to Michael A Riter; 314 Page Place; $270,000

Thaddeus W Smith Jr to Eugene Saunders III; 4550 Deer Path Road; $15,000

Ernest W Ellis to Betty Daughtry Ellis; 2616 Carolina Road; $16,666

CFTVA LLC to THADO&LONDON INC; 542 Chisholm Lane; $50,000

NVR Inc to Racquel Sinclair; 2044 Van Zandt Parkway; $304,460

BC Residential LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 3356 Ferry Road; $1

Calvin L Vann to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 3304 Yeates Drive; $1

James L Key Jr to Jacob Michael Conlon; 6365 Godwin Boulevard; $485,000

MD Suffolk LLC to Ryan C Jennette; 617 Babbtown Road; $262,000

Jonathan M Harvey to Diane Theresa Sheehan; 6020 Bradford Drive Unit 486B; $100,000

Clyde Newton to Jayson L Cassity; 223 Delaney Drive; $191,900

Elizabeth G Andrews Executrix to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 313 Bullock Street; $61,000

Oscar Mathews to Timothy R Little Jr; 1544 River Creek Crescent; $245,000

Donald L Goodman III to Jonathan Stephen Brown; 6322 Pelican Crescent S; $309,900

Donald A Garlow to Logan T Fulcher; 2212 Livingston Street; $230,000

Philip Johnson to Joshua Blake Dunham; 6314 Orchard Cove Court; $350,000

Damon Bender to Laura Ray; 6798 Corinth Chapel Road; $250,000

Tonita Phillips to Besos LLC; 1208 White Marsh Road; $41,000

John J Rawlings to Rebecca Lohr; 1512 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $359,900

Mary T Franz to Courtesy Homes LLC; 1150 Beaton Street; $41,000

KFV Homes LLC to Patrick Ivan Navita Caalim; 139 Blessing Circle; $373,050

James H Durden Jr to Deborah Myers Sweetman; 655 Babbtown Road; $375,900

Carnivore Club LLC to AB Homes LLC; 7525 Ruritan Boulevard; $103,000

Kenneth A Pumphrey to Henry L King; 114 Grove Avenue; $204,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Ian Beck; 8321 Hudgins Circle; $240,000

Jacob D Shea to Marshall R Leek; 912 Howard Place; $219,900

Jordan S Springer to Antoinette Lenora Corona; 5014 Breleigh; $240,000

Brian L March to Joseph Charles Archer; District of Holy Neck Containing 46 Acres More or Less; $80,000