Virtual Virginia allows experiences

Published 8:57 pm Friday, June 26, 2020

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To the editor:

High school students shouldn’t have to wait until after graduation to get real-world experience. Fortunately, my online school allowed me to hold multiple jobs in high school and discover the career field I want to pursue.

At Virginia Virtual Academy, I took rigorous AP classes and earned 28 credits, which allowed me to graduate with an Advanced Diploma. Not only did I have more personalized attention from my teachers and an environment with fewer distractions, I also had the time to have different work experiences.

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While in school, I had a part-time job at Good Earth Peanut Company. I also had an internship with Mic Topping Auto Center and an internship as a technical assistant with a family friend. Through online school and my work experience, I adopted essential skills like time management, punctuality and communication that I regularly use in other aspects of my life.

Exposure to different jobs and career fields at a young age helped me decide what I want to pursue after college and gain experience in those fields. After my graduation this month, I now know I want to work in the network administration and telecommunications field.

I am thankful that I had a learning environment that encouraged me to explore my interests and discover the field I’m passionate about. It’s time that our schools put more of a focus on career exploration, so that all students understand their options and can best prepare for their future.

Chloe Martin