Land Transfers for June 26 – July 2

Published 7:33 pm Friday, July 3, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

June 26 – July 2

BCS Homes LLC to Napolitano Rentals LLC; 136 Meridian Place; $292,811

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Stephen L. Mutter to Donald Rossen Schuyler Green; 1760 Kings Highway; $380,000

Capeside LLC to Emily Kaitlyn Tuck; 9196 Dixon Road; $150,000

Amethyst Décor LLC to Vernon Ralph, Jr; 8331 Hudgins Circle; $329,900

Jeremy R Schlotterer to Thomas J Cain; 3357 Lake Prince Drive; $229,000

Kirk Old LLC to NVR Inc; Spikerush Drive; $115,000

Kirk Old LLC to NVR Inc; 114 Bristlegrass Court; $230,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Linda G Miller; 129 Brookside Lane; $313,125

Amy J Stinnette to Ellen L Kiley; 949 Vineyard Place Unit D; $255,000

Mark R Ellis to Thomas Myers Smithwick III; 102 Little Pond Court; $424,000

Eddie J Hamm to David Burnett; 117 Northgate Lane; $329,000

NVR Inc to Kiya Moraye Jordan; 2044 Petersen Way; $211,250

Robert C Paton to Jennifer Williams; 1827 Mountianside Avenue; $274,900

Southeastern Virginia Properties to Shailesh K Patel; 118 Riverside Drive; $791,000

Real Investment At Riverfront LLC to Shailesh K Patel; 5303 Sports Club Run Unit 300; $355,900

Nizar S Arfaoui TR ETC to Diversified Investors LLC; 421 Jackson Street; $50,000

AB Homes LLC to Jeremy Bills; 6431 Leafwood Road; $325,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Laura Lynne Walker; 102 Preservation Reach; $365,000

Jeffery A Bennett to Glen Westfall; 222 Woodhaven Drive; $339,000

Helen B Devisee Lewis to Brian Maine; Duke Street; $15,000

Brent R Steele to Carlton Dancy Sr; 4581 Magnolia Drive; $199,900

Khadijah R Fullwood to John R Kinney; 5082 Kings Grant Circle; $291,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Pamela L Gillies; 2650 Jackson Road; $359,900

PH Forest Investments LLC to James C Prohaska; Roundtree Crescent; $252,000

Ameziyah B Pastore to Kevin Eugene Anderson; 2080 Piedmont Road; $339,000

Mark Allen Spivey to Lauren Alexandra Sagl; 123 Suffolk Meadows Blvd; $300,000

Chad N Whidden to Gaston A Hatfield Jr; 3001 Ravine Gap Drive; $365,000

KFV Homes LLC to Michael Edward Gannon; 135 Blessing Circle; $374,060

Donnie V Holcomb to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 314 Lake Drive; $30,000

James C Eastep Jr to Steven Douglas Hamilton Jr; 3702 Paddock Circle; $269,000

Jay Moayad Zahralddin to Jacob Howington; 5161 Bennetts Pasture Road; $385,000

Patrick H Whelan to Marcos O Fiallo; 1804 Waters Edge Lane Unit 1804; $229,900

Jethro Mason to Tracy Manley; 615 County Street; $60,000

Planters Station LLC to Randy Cunningham; 233 McCormick Drive; $326,525

Richard Brandon Lucus to Maureen ODonnell Mahoney; 2039 Queens Point Drive; $265,000

Michael R Taborn to Jordan T Setterlind 4416 Clifton Street; $247,000

Emmanuel Jones Sr to Thomas W Dobrick; 5106 Keswick Court; $410,000

Eleanor Olivia Minns to Melissa R Henry; 140 Mahan Street; $30,000

Robert Binder to Melvin A Rivera; 1418 River Creek Crescent; $242,000

Miles D Franks Jr to Khalilah R Porter; 505 Shingle Creek Road; $245,000

Lemar S Blount to Dominque Tillett; 3043 Dabney Lane; $290,000

Richard J Holdren to Sierra H Melton; 2702 Waters Edge Lane; $230,000

Jumaane K Dyson to Daniel J Schofield; 3035 Kempton Park Road; $299,000

Grove Avenue Developers Inc to Sam Hopper; 125 Bowman Drive; $384,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Carol J Forgeng; 128 Creekfoot Lane; $387,750

William S Lee to Daruis A Justice; 5017 Kelso Street; $312,000

MTGLQ Investors LP to RS Homes LLC; 139 Kristen Lane; $137,500

Gwendolyn Andrews to RST Investments LLC; 319 Pinner Street; $34,000

Sandy T Tucker TR ETC to James F Russel Jr; 432 Reids Ferry Road; $175,000

Margaret H Cobb to Georgie H Copeland TR ETC; Box Elder Road; $175,000

Randy Furman to Glen C Williams; 2105 Brians Lane; $315,00

Suffolkhillpoint Associates LLC to Marcus L West; 131 Sandcastle Circle; $412,982

Thomas M Baines to Travoria L Freeman; 3312 Kings Fork Road; $375,000

Satisfied Home Builders LLC to Lila A Elliott; 3878 Pughsville Road; $326,990

Villas at Lake Mead LLC to Juanita Maldonado; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 602; $245,000

KFV Homes LLC to Larry Matthew Legg; 137 Blessing Circle; $408,840

Clinton B Johnson to Courtesy Homes LLC; 1465 Wilroy Road; $163,500

Clearview Homes VA LLC to James Martin; 2600 Jackson Road; 250,000

Glenn Barry Heir Ashley to Jennifer Ashley Smith; 117 Ridgecrest Drive; $172,700

Kathleen M Borman to Scott Ian Pound; 7253 Harvest Drive; $360,000

Kenita N Council to Shamauri D Porter; 1132 Woods Parkway; $297,000

Bryce I Bisner to Katelyn M Taylor; 131 Kingsdale Road; $181,000

Wyatt A Bell to Starlyfe Management & Booking LLC; Kissimmee Avenue; $19,500

Shawn J Achor to Clarence S Hall; 5109 Brookstone Way; $460,000

Nathan Paul Lunde to Tabor James Kitterdge; 8504 Southwestern Boulevard; $300,000

Brittany K Crabtree NKA to Damien R Dennis; 145 Beachwood Drive; $240,000

AB Homes LLC to Marcos Martinez Pina Jr; 920 Cypress Chapel Road; $420,250

Victor J Galgano III to Mohamed Ali; 6834 Ivanhoe Court; $330,000

NVR Inc to William Casey Griffeth; 2050 Van Zandt Parkway; $302,165

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Wuitbyanda Tiendrebeogo; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 103; $233,500

Aaron Poole to William Walker; 2221 Tuilptree Circle; $375,000

NVR Inc to Ajami Grays; 2048 Van Zandt Parkway; $262,000

Albert Perez Sr to William Tyler Tadlock; 3023 Kempton Park Road; $303,900

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Victor J Galgano III; 3477 Raintree Circle; $458,797

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 105 Musket Circle; $90,900

Brian E Paszczykowski to Jasmine Alanna Ward; 6120 Cushing Street; $239,900

Surety Trustees LLC Sub TR to American Advisors Group; 4277 Cole Avenue; $180,169

Shaun P Ostrofe to Philip A Crossland TR ETC; 3118 Summerhouse Drive; $615,000

Jerame R Fleming to Heath P Belliveau; 5061 Bay Circle; $330,000

Jerome M Rhymes to Alicia C Hammond; 2909 Kippling Court; $395,000

Arthur Tasby to Victory Allegiance Realty Inc; 118 West Washington Street; $125,000

Joshua Randolph Spruill to Alex James Bolton; 1109 Buoy Court; $185,000

Carla Roundtree to Derrick L Haywood; 306 Stone Cove; $279,000

Juanita Maldonado to Shelby Arnold; 3500 Priced Fork Boulevard; $241,000