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Published 10:21 pm Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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The board of directors of the Suffolk Art League is pleased to be able to make an annual donation of new art books to the Suffolk Public Library System. In collaboration with the SPL Collections Manager, three titles were selected this year. “Foundations in Comic Book Art: SCAD Creative Essentials (Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Sequential Artists),” “Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques” and “How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!” have been delivered to the library for addition to their collection.

  • “Foundations in Comic Book Art” by John Paul Lowe is a comprehensive guide to creating and developing comic book and graphic novel art, from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), one of the world’s leaders in sequential arts instruction.

Artists seeking a way to break into the exciting world of sequential art first need to master the tools, techniques and habits used by their favorite pencillers, inkers and digital artists for creating dynamic, exciting comic artwork. In Foundations for Comic Book Art, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) — a leading force in art and design education — enlists one of its top instructors, John Paul Lowe, to provide aspiring comic book makers with a thorough primer for creative comics.

  • “Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques” by 3dtotal Publishing is for matte painters and concept artists working in the movie, videogame and TV industry. It can often be important to be able to quickly and efficiently create artwork for storyboarding and storytelling purposes. “Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques” aims to be the go-to book for artists training to enter the industry and for established artists looking to brush up on their knowledge of speed painting.

Featuring helpful time-saving tips and techniques from established industry artists, such as how to create and use custom brushes, and how to implement an impressionistic style, there’s plenty to offer to help the artist master their craft. In addition, there are time-specific guides for painting in 10-, 30-, 60- or 120-minute periods, all to enable the artist to tailor their abilities to suit any situation that might arise in the high-pressure, time-sensitive creative industry.

  • “How to Draw Manga: Basics and Beyond!” by Manga University, Ryo Katagiri, Hiroyuki Sengoku and Yukio Onishi is the latest in Manga University’s lineup of best-selling instructional books. The book features more than 1,000 illustrations drawn by Japanese manga artists whose work has appeared in leading publications, including “Shonen Sunday” and “Young Jump.” You will learn how to draw like a professional, because your teachers are professionals.

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They’ve divided the book into four easy-to-follow chapters that will have you drawing original characters from head to toe in no time at all.

Suffolk Art League is a community-based, not-for-profit fine arts organization dedicated to making the arts accessible and providing education in the arts for everyone. For more information about the art league and its programs, visit or call 757-925-0448.