Land Transfers for July 10-16

Published 9:37 pm Thursday, July 16, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

 July 10 – July16

Joyce Fulghan Successor TR ET to Heather M Thornton; 0 Crittenden Road; $159,000

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True Blue Bailey LLC to Christopher D Orhelein; 1508 Dutch Road; $339,900

Audre Suzanne Robertson to Patricia A Lane; 1508 Dutch Road; $415,000

Douglas C Lane to Chalres Stephen Yeo; 4079 Lake Point Road; $415,000

Jason M Lhuillier to Timothy Scott Shreck; 3606 Halter Cove; $264,000

RRB3 LLC to Daniel Reukauf; 810 Gittings Street; $221,300

NVR Inc to Duvonn Ray Steele; 2042 Petersen Way; $213,170

Robert R Brooks III to Whitney Griffin; 224 Bedford Place; $240,000

Eagle Construction of VALLC to Charles A Ratliff; 4128 River Park Drive; $655,660

Legacy Home Building LLC to Dynamic Allah; 218 Charlotte Avenue; $187,150

Deborah J Chavis to D Brandon Carter Jr: 534 Lake Kilby Road; $220,000

Dexter Madison Brand to Tyler Trautweiler; 6370 Leafwood Road; $285,000

Michael Miller to Samuel Riggsbee; 5565 Bennetts Pasture Road; $294,000

Brenda Whitney T Broadnax to C&T Group LLC; 317 Boat Street; $30,000

Kaye P Davenport to Salman Latifi; 2901 Gunston Drive;$165,500

Lewis H Kelly to Sook Lee; 1929 Piedmont Road; $430,000

Leroy B Eaves to David Hayes; 1998 Pittmantown Road; $280,000

Michael P Steverson Jr to Jonathan L Wood; 23010 Hogan Way; $219,500

Irene Hight to Joseph E Murray; 4557 Schooner Boulevard; $330,000

Sai Laxman Allu to Kevin J Jeanguenat; 200 Beech Street; $148,500

Simone M Cyprien to Cody R Christman; 524 Hollywood Avenue; $172,00

Parkside At Bennetts Creek LLC to Michael Thomas Ursetti; 3733 Willow Glenn Circle; $490,326

Fred Kerney to Baruch Israel Story; 315 Hill Street; $157,500

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 111 Musket Circle; $90,900

Gary E Bailey Jr to Ciara D Pervall; 2105 Gentry Street; $180,000

RIP RAP LLC to Lucitina Wright; 3010 Waterjump Crescent; $269,000

NRGC Development LLC to Simone M Cyprien; 120 Peck Lane; $282,788

Ross Holman Zoll to William B Hoover III; 415 Reid Ferry Road; $675,000

Ross Holman Zoll to Knob Hill Farm LLC; 417 Reid Ferry Road; $300,000

Bradley B Fogleman to Kristen E Brown; 4224 East Rivercliff Crescent; $420,000

Virginia L Rohde to Joshua T Rivera; 221 Baron Boulevard; $340,000

Alberto Rosario Jr to Timothy James Richardson; 3504  Fontwell Court; $315,000

Barclay K Weisberg to Christopher G Canfield; 5115 West Creek Court; $675,000

Green Skyy LLC to Swamp Investments LLC; 2000 Copeland Road; $1,024,200

Jackson River Aviation LLC to Swamp Investments LLC; Rt 685 Perry Outland;$75,800

Phyllis Yohannan to Bradley Fogleman; 9107 River Crescent; $525,000

Harry Lee Duplain Jr to Derek Guthrie; 4046 Sadler Drive; $255,000

Sold Ease LLC to Sebastian Messina; 204 Friar Court; $245,000

Theodore William Bacalis Jr to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1601 S. River Creek Landing; $59,406

Planters Station to Jeffrey M Joseph; 219 McCormick Drive; $362,000

Barry Hathaway to David Scott Hommell; 230 Abingdon Circle: $245,000

Chandler Mazure to Michael Kazmer; 105 Elmington Way; $209,000

Tawanna A Hill to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 210 Teton Circle #169; $4,694

Edward V Young to Valencia D Coston; 405 Keaton Way; $214,900

Jerold A Arnquist toJeremy Demello; 4721 SSchooner Boulevard; $359,900

Chaonan Tao to Cynthia L Coleman; 5088 Kings Grant Circle; $319,000

Gary W Ables to Next One LLC; 4023 Brians Lane, $54,000

Richard T Dixon to Bryan Edward Keith; 164 Sack Point Road; $200,000

Bradley W Slaughter Jr to Adan James Soriano; 5033 Hunt Club Chase; $265,000

Reza A Chegini to Cherise Tricia Chase; 201 Woodhaven Drive; $394,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Kevin A Michels; 210 Retreat Drive, $377,242

Gary H Milteer to Paul T Milteer; 9000 Gates Road; $123,600

Gary H Milteer to Paul T Milteer; 31.98 Acres Route 666 Milteer; $26,340