Land Transfers for July 31- Aug. 6

Published 3:06 pm Thursday, August 6, 2020

July 31- Aug 6

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Joseph O’Toole IV; 5305 Sports Club Run, Unit 401; $312,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Joslin E. Washington; 1916 Hobson Drive; $300,000


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Upton Farms Inc. to Daniels Development Inc.; part 416.54 Northgate Commerce Park; $738,865

Daniel K. Buttars to Robin Denise Witherow; 4007 Michael Drive; $475,000

Johanna M. Ackerberg to Christopher Scott Welch; 4877 Bennetts Creek Lane; $465,000

Ashonte M. Franklin to Jacob Lawrence Fink; 122 Meridian Place; $405,000

Kevin L. Beale to 162 South Main Street LLC; 162 S. Main St.; $155,000

Planters Station LLC to Shelia Berry; 104 Allis Drive; $372,962

Planters Station LLC to Charles J. Major; 200 McCormick Drive; $395,025

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to James J. Anderson Jr.; 325 Retreat Drive; $370,823

Sammy D. Brown Jr. to Bruce F. Smith; 2067 Queens Point Drive; $285,000

Ryan C. Denell to Cory J. McNett; 202 Holbrook Arch; $275,000

Bluebird LLC to Melvina E. Williams; 215 Oak St.; $39,600

Randall B. Dixon to Cashea Capri Coleman; 6737 Hampton Roads Parkway Unit D; $225,000

Bluebird LLC to Melvina E. Williams; 222 N. Capital St.; $76,500

Charles B. Meek III to Javier Montanez; 3022 Silver Charm Circle; $270,000

Terry T. French to Shontierra L. Waters; 284 W. Wexford Drive; $155,000

Courtney N. Foltz to Douglas S. Hood; 110 Dutchland Trail; $290,000

Robert M. Pell to Matthew P. Pullen; 5021 Kelso St.; $327,000

Robert H. Wells, trustee, to Michael Ford; 4.83 acres on Sleepy Hole Road; $99,999

Nicholas L. Clark to Guy A. Miller; 8722 Adams Drive E.; $360,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Denise Lecher; 5305 Sports Club Run Unit 404; $348,400

Raiford E. Baker to Sharon Lynn Scott; 623 Box Elder Road; $80,000

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Tanya Wallace; 5305 Sports Club Run Unit 400; $329,900

Williams Thomas Brantley, heirs, to Mary Shellen Ralph; 501 Constance Woods Drive; $175,000

Benjamin J. Saxton Ruiz to Crystle Cooper; 2109 Soundings Crescent Court; $266,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Mykell Aris Taylor; 102 Retreat Drive; $284,000

Karen J. Carl to Matthew Markos; 5226 Moreland St.; $209,988

RF8B LLC to Brian C. Kay; 117 Longtail Drive; $404,421

Douglas G. Collins II to Joseph S. Jenkins; 5545 Godwin Blvd.; $190,000

Maxy Baskin to Tanea M. Jackson; 6741 Hampton Roads Parkway Unit D; $225,000

Christopher J. Lopez to Gabriel Edward Jaramillo; 4005 Brookline Drive; $295,000

124 LLC to Russ Samuel Vonier; 1927 N. Main St.; $245,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 112 Musket Circle; $181,800

Craig M. Batten to Vernon Alvin Batten Jr.; 3013 Providence Road; $174,890

Wilford H. Askew to Timothy A. Cahill; 115 Kingsdale Road; $132,900

Arthur W. Goolsby III to Gregory R. Hunt; 112 Windy Point Drive; $405,000

Charles C. Nwadi to Cartus Financial Corporation; 5106 Captains Walk; $465,000

Cartus Financial Corporation to Seog Chan Lee; 5106 Captains Walk; $465,000

Jennifer W. Forbes to Brenda Gale Godwin; 714 Turlington Road; $225,000

Velma Outlaw to Buone Case Enterprises LLC; 219 Spruce St.; $25,000

Bruno Cossu to Isaac Marcel Santos; 161 Hall Ave.; $229,000

ASN Partnersihp to AP Mahantji LLC; 1526 Holland Road; $1,037,500

Daniels Construction Corp to Donte M. WWaters; 1235 Exchange Road; $227,500

Jeffrey W. O’Sullivan to Jonathan D. Reoch; 238 Jonathans Way; $262,500

Gary T. Bullock to Brody M. Lucenti; 503 Oak Grove Court; $190,475

Stephen H. Bell to Andrew Weatherford; 3009 Kempton Park Road; $302,000

Stephanie Lewis to Marcelo Vila; West side of Second Street; $140

Thomas C. Elwell to Benjamin M. Bembry; 6411 Worcester Way; $220,000

Wesley R. Orvis to Benjamin Lee; 2741 Burning Tree Lane; $320,700

Ronald E. Proffit to Bryan C. Brooks; 4436 Kendal Way; $375,000

Adolfo E. Viezca to Charles Deondre Ogburn; 105 Bowman Drive; $350,000

Thomas F. Owen III to Wilbert A. Pantaleon; 3504 Derby Cove; $263,900

Thomas L. Hinnant to Jacob Dwain Damico; 320 Ashwood Drive; $299,900

Anthony D. Sickler to Luke Ackerberg; 4003 Hargrove Landing; $340,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Tina Marie Greene; 3022 Parkside Circle; $417,244

Monte Lance Gomer to Margaret Helen Maldonado; 6816 Quaker Drive; $270,000

Elizabeth R. Ibanez to Joseph Eugene Lagala; 2452 Cherry Blossom Drive; $288,000

Venture Obici LLC to Battlefield Consolidated Property; 1910 N. Main St.; $2,725,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creke LLC to Robert H. Rea; 3610 Blue Stem Court; $124,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Lewis H. Kelly; 101 Preservation Reach; $380,591

Thomas Lim, trustee, to Juliet I. Machie; 8972 River Crescent; $390,000

Geneva Bowden Gagley to Jennifer Gloria Thomas; 4125 Pughsville Road; $350,000

Reginald O. Moreland to Derek Clarence Frazier Jr.; 5222 S. Links Circle; $405,000

Dusten L. Russell to Jonathan M. Cooke; 2412 Cherry Blossom Drive; $275,000

Tangya F. Ragin to Travis J. Maslowski; 6007 Rollingwood St.; $237,500

Yuen Wong Properties LLC to Paul W. Wyatt; 3282 Lake Prince Drive; $288,000

Peter A. Perez to Andrew J. Womack; 317 Northbrooke Ave.; $255,000

AB Homes LLC to Phillip Jessie Farris; 6360 Leafwood Road; $322,990

Realty Ventures LLC to Cartalo L. Madison; 218 S. Lloyd St.; $65,000

Donovan A. Ashley to Brett A. Gwyn; 2403 Red Oak Lane; $260,500

Planters Station LLC to Bryan J. Makuch; 203 Station Drive; $373,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Robert W. Muir Jr.; 106 Retreat Drive; $296,230

Zachery D. Treece to Daniel McGinnis; 4436 Marlin Ave.; $260,000

Nicholas Grubb to Ronald M. Veale; 2002 Casper Court; $280,000