Land Transfers for Aug.7 -13

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, August 13, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Aug. 7 – Aug. 13

Sheryl J Blalock to Stanford Jones; 2345 Kings Fork Road; $580,000


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Avis A Newby to Jarred Everett Conway; 5061 Huntclub Chase; $270,000

Judy A Himes to Kevin Roberts; 404 Terrywood Drive; $303,000

John M Brown to Zahra Colley; 2242 Holland Corner Road; $299,900

Bill R Herron Jr to Keith L Miller; 6086 Mainsail Lane; $324,900

Planters Station LLC to Zebulen Edward Henry; 102 Allis Drive; $333,500

Mark W Williams to Kenneth Cachero Aquino; 147 Ashford Drive; $222,900

Bryan S Harris to Johnathan Connor Benge; 914 Pennsylvania Avenue; $246,000

Bruce House Jr to Corey Brown; 236 N Liberty Springs Road; $225,000

Jeffery Allen Milota to Rachel Nicole Rogers; 215 Wentworth Court; $425,000

John D Taylor to Tanner Thomas; 3724 Bridle Path Lane; $320,000

East Coast Homes of Virginia Inc to CHN LLC; 2604 Holland Road; $1,750,000

Charles L Dowdy to MIchael Elliot Gistarb Jr; 4438 Kendal Way; $350,000

John M Brinkos Jr TR ETC to Nicholas Boudreau; 1011 Rachels Drive; $320,000

Angelica Roberts to Aaron Davis Miller; 1547 River Creek Crescent; $240,000

Brain T Zaiko to Wakelin M Stoneman; 5652 Person Street; $149,900

NVR INC to Andre Carnell Stevenson Jr; 2041 Van Zandt Parkway; $266,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to David Bittle Jr; 323 Retreat Drive; $309,558

Satisfied Home Builders to Denisha Hughes; 3148 Townpoint Road; $350,000

Joyce Jordan Copeland to Property Ninja LLC; 6944 Crittenden Road; $140,000

NVR INC to Deon Watts; 117 Independence Court; $362,919

NRGC Development LLC to Tyrando D Satchell Sr; 116  Peck Lane; $349,084

NVR INC to Johnathan M Wood; 2045 Van Zandt Parkway; $312,045

NVR INC to Carolyn Yvette Machey Perry; 2046 Petersen Way; $199,990

RF8B LLC to Regina M Northey; 123 Longtail Drive; $357,101

Jessica Francine Harding to Daniel Zamora; 3003 Wincanton Cove; $300,000

Ryan Justin Nelms Sr to William B Collins; 115 Byrd Street; $125,000

RF8B LLC to Michael Washington Jr 119 Longtail Drive; $376,318

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to Lake Meade VA LLC; Preserve Way; $704,000

Bluebird LLC to Kawliga Dukes; 616 Ashley Avenue; $31,900

NRGC Development LLC to Nino Ray Sandoval II; 121 Peck; $367,798

YAK LLC to KKC LLC; 4631 Desert Road; $35,000

Joel R Fortune to Kody David Lovett; 6789 Burbage Lake Circle; $296,500

Donnie V Holcomb to Jarred S Stowe; 320 Edward Avenue; $225,000

Tiffany D Abramowski to Christian Conklin; 111 Berkshire Boulevard; $250,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 205 Deceleration Lane; $181,800

Larry J Ball Jr to Charles F Rabe Jr; 2504 Woodland Trail; $297,000

John Messier to Greenhouse Properties LLC; 1276 Wilroy Road; $131,500

Eric M Clark to George Rodgers III; 415 Elizabeth Street; $175,000

Fay Tamara Rosenshein TR ETC to Jacquelyn A Alston; 105 River Point Drive; $134,900

John M Maseda to Arthesah M Gadson; 905 Teton Circle; $178,900

Marcin Kus AKA to Zaki Edwards; 312 Turnstone Drive; $379,900

Swabel LLC to Alexander Zakowicz; 311 South Main Street; $209,000

NVR Inc to Ryan A Legge; 106 Musket Circle; $387,790

Marcel Boudet to Damian Hammond; 2648 River Watch Drive; $328,500

Micah J Gaspary to Jeffrey A Milota; 113 Waterview Road; $440,000

Diane Marie McNellis to Fort Hale Investments II LLC; 9217 South Quay Road; $28,000

Daniel R Cummings to Stephen D Park; 2845 North Nansemond Drive; $215,000

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Aldrienia Scott AKA; 3055 Dabney Lane; $278,000

Wallace Micheal Jones Jr to Amanda Trussell; 3101 Strata Court; $189,900

KRBCB LLC to Clarice Shrader; 6100 Whaleyville Boulevard; $179,400

Douglas A Haag to Kendra Yvonne Trott; 5102 Cog Hill Court; $394,900

NVR Inc to Brian Gluckman; 2039 Van Zandt Parkway; $263,155

Joyce H Cale to William Bradley Wilder; 8353 Longstreet Lane; $273,000

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 6732 South Quay Road; $10

AB Homes LLC to Joseph Nicholas Ayers; 510 Lummis Road; $369,275

Greg S Wold to Geoffrey L Feeley; 116 Nottingham Boulevard; $239,900

Zachary Craig to Rashad Thomas Williams ; 6226 Cushing Street #103; $244,000

Cory J Darrow to John M Maseda; 5071 Kelso Street; $315,000

Derek K Agin to Jonathon Eric Vinson ; 5942 Indian Trail Road; $322,000

James C Breakfield to Wedgewood Preserve LLC; 207.48 Acres Camp Mfg Co Eason Savage; $385,000

Mary Katherine Duvall to Diamond Investments LLC ; 121 North 8th Street; $18,000

Carroll M Butler Jr to Staniella Dade; 312 Ash Wood Drive; $329,900

Laura Letchworth to Jamiel Nathaniel Blizzard; 844 Meadow Lane; $306,000

Jacob D Ross to Josiah Austin; 412 Williams Road; $235,000

Ray Cruz to Joyce M Torrence; 1538 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $340,000

Steven E Gaschler to William Halsey Burks; 3211 Gardenia Court; $460,000