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Clean house in City Council

To the editor:

As a former resident of Suffolk, I want to say this: this worthless City Council needs to go.

Starting from the mayor on down. It’s pure sickening that the only area they serve is the Harbour View and Route 17 area. Too much development and more traffic congestion on 17. If that’s all they want, then they all need to be voted out. They don’t care about the citizens of the downtown Suffolk area, Holland, Whaleyville or Chuckatuck. All they cater to is the people of Harbour View, and part of Churchland, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Newport News via I-664.

If they don’t want the people of Suffolk to have a bowling alley of their own and a skating rink to have as entertainment for families, then maybe this City Council should disband, now. The downtown Suffolk area needs to be better than that. Farmers need to make ends meet. They want to keep their land. And the council just listens to these crooked developers and takes everything away. Time for the people of Suffolk to wake up and vote this Council all out. If I were mayor, I would clean house in Suffolk City Council like Joe Clark cleaned house at Eastside High School in Paterson, N.J.

Suffolk, you deserve better representation! Clean house in Suffolk City Council now.

Eric Johnson

East McKeesport, Pa.