Land Transfers for Aug. 14 – Aug. 20

Published 4:44 pm Friday, August 28, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Aug. 14 – Aug. 20

Noah B Currence to Alexis Tugwell; 502 Waterway Court; $230,000

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Planters Station LLC to Christopher B Ferguson Sr.; 107 Allis Drive; $380,400

Robert L. Robinson to Michael V Gulla; 206 Golden Sunset Lane; $380,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Maurice T Holloway Sr; 211 Reservoir Lane; $302,985

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lisa Y Jones; 5032 Kings Grant Circle; $268,000

NVR Inc to Anthony Lamont Thomas.; 120 Independence Court; $401,260

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to MD Services LLC; 9256 Eclipse Drive; $133,900

Rustin Chanc Walters to John C Lutherman; 102 Stowe Drive; $369,900

Mark Douglas Gleason Heir to Gene T A Wroten; 115 Kristen Lane; $201,000

Nansemond Investment Co LLC to NVR Inc; 227 Declaration Lane; $181,800

James D. Herrmann to John D Jackson III; 2209 Tuliptree Circle; $370,000

Robert F Sutherland to James Quarles.; 509 Rushwood Court; $469,900

Wayne Lee Deyette to Richard S Bernard; 3008 Galiceno Court; $375,000

Deborah D Jenkins AKA to Richard Arthur Ambroson; 6316 Vaughan Avenue; $250,000

Kenneth A Swan to Mital B Patel; 238 Wentworth Court; $925,000

Judith A Copeland TR to Keticia Lincoln.; 4440 Donald Avenue; $150,000

Corey Joseph Robinson to Laura Bryan; 3111 Duke of York Street; $277,000

Paul R Bauer to Timothy Maurice Ridley; 1037 Bay Breeze Drive; $288,000

Latifa Kamagley to Steven Gaines Jr; 3670 Nansemond Parkway; $340,000

Elizabeth Brown Wilder to BPK Properties LLC; 1589 Bridge Road; $365,000

Jediah P Logiodice to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc; 420 Hastings Place; $492,500

Carmax Auto Stores Inc to Anne Ruth Jones.; 420 Hastings Place; $492,500

John A Wallace Heir to Daniels Construction Corp.; 403 Linden Avenue; $5,140

Schneecka L McAdoo to Jamie Scott Sherrill Sr; 120 Lane Street; $207,000

Edward G Heide to Rovert L Ashburn; 5002 Summer Harvest Lane; $529,000

Federal National Mortgage Associates to Justice Swapshire; 125 St, James Avenue; $245,140

Trenton L Morris to Timothy G Bakels; 8239 Lee Hall Avenue #8; $250,000

Benjamin W Jones to Christopher L. Hawk; 1012 Bay Breeze Drive; $293,000

Ailene Daniels LLC to Twyisha D Price; 547 Chisholm Lane; $144,900

Anthony S. Lloyd to Edward F Bangor Sr; 4000 Evan Circle; $555,000

Kimberly R Taylor to Charles Carrington; 106 Fairfield Avenue; $133,000

NVR Inc to Yoland Lynne Spooney; 118 Musket Circle; $417,020

Earl Jackson Jr to William R Hawkins; 401 Woodruff Street; $252,900

Curtis E Young to Dominion Property Ventures LLC; 119 Linden Avenue; $171,000

Randy Lee Batten to Dale R Smith; 3628 Ithaca Trail; $257,500

Darryl B Moore II to Lynell Shakiara Pace; 6044 Newington Place; $265,900

Betty Jean Bagley to Anthony Myers; 5849 Spivey Run Road; $155,000

Hollis E Boykins to Rita V Outlaw; 1225 Blythewood Lane; $112,000

Angel D Santiago Rivera to Deven A Dubuission; 2157 Redgate Drive; $350,000

Jefferson N Mitchell to Ashley Burke; 6203 Old Townpoint Road; $335,000

Douglas Harrison LLC to James Archbell IV; 615 Sweatt Road; $475,000

Seog Chan J Lee to Kevin Garrett; 3006 Carlisle Court; $324,900

Roger L Rockey to Bruno D Cameron; 203 Doe Run Court; $334,900

William C McCauley to Drew A Tribble; 5111 Muirfield Loop; $412,600

Jay P Owen to Kailey Breann Harris; 1521 River Creek Crescent; $249,000

Alok Kumar Verma to Giselle Bryan; 514 Rushwood Court; $563,000

Steve A Warren to Robert Howard; 1648 Nansemond Parkway; $200,000

Rashad C Wilkerson to Deja Mahaqraj Lojo; 3056 Silver Charm Circle; $275,000

Leroy E Ricks to Charles R Johns Jr; 3607 Preakness Circle; $283,000

Gean C Giraud to Daniels Combs; 104 Lakes Edge Drive; $315,000

Ernest Williams to Mark Ryan N Aggabao; 303 Canaan Circle; $330,000