Land Transfers for Aug. 28 – Sept. 3

Published 3:13 pm Thursday, September 3, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Aug. 28 – Sept 3

Matthew A Johnson to Kevin W Temple Jr; 212 Kingsboro Street; $159,900

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Veronica Davila to Gregory K McDonald; 7249 Arrington Street; $215,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Associates LLC to Andrew Paul Ostrander; 129 Sandcastle Circle; $367,335

Jones Swamp LLC to Justin E Whitaker; 6334 Quaker Road; $25,000

AB Homes LLC to Jermone Ronald Hodges; 8350 Gates Road; $325,775

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Latonia Darien Grundy; 433 Terryood Drive; $314,660

Gloria Lorey to Diane M Storm; 6239 Oakglen Drive; $217,000

Christopher M Lambert to Christopher Roth; 3605 Pasture Cove; $275,500

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Glen C Morris; 5313 Sports Club Run Unit 601; $365,000

NVR Inc to James Sawyer; 113 Woodfern Lane; $437,465

Greenhouse Properties LLC to William Coddington; 1315 Holland Road; $263,000

Daniel  A Bristol to Marquita E Davis; 129 Squire Reach; $168,500

Daniels Construction Corp to Sara J LLoyd; 1928 Hobson Drive; $329,900

Fannie Mae A/K/A Federal National to Carroll Richie Sr; 233 Abingdon Circle: $214,900

JSW Services LLC to Houston James Carter; 1415 Blythewood Lane: $179,900

Michael S Davis to Keith Terrell Hedrick; 9048 River Crescent; $519,900

Neon Group LLC to Kisa Behun; 4900 Bennetts Pasture Road; $388,750

LeOtis Williams to Johnathan R Jordan Sr; 316 Baker Street; $199,900

Michael J Bibbo to Gilbert Lemay; 650 West Liberty Springs Road; $50,000

Orion Hoy to Our EZ Real Estate Inc; 801 GArden Lane; $250,000

Yak LLC to Brittany Henderson; 4639 Desert Road; $19,000

NVR Inc to Tyrone Lemar Crawford; 129 Independence Court: $449,235

Edward Davis to Linda K Young; 4031 Michael Drive; $533,000

Brian S Long to Matthew D Weirath; 212 Rockwood Place; $260,000

124 LLC to Rodney E Moore; 125 Beechwood Drive;  $169,900

Julie A Bartley to Bartley Properties LLC; 407 Cattail Cove: $305,000

Wesley K Forster to Megan Mansfield; 1002 Island Park Circle; $235,000

William Edward Fenton to Justin T Hogue; 3839 Whaleyville Boulevard; $359,900

Herbert Reed Sprague Jr to Sean M Baker; 4009 Burr Oak Place; $265,000

Pat Yockey TR ETC to Bonnie Carol Broadway Smith TR; 2600 N Nansemond Drive; $600,000

Brady J Montel to Ramon O Fabrey Torres; 1014 Snead Drive; $285,000

Carolyn K Luckadoo to Robert A Cipcic Jr; 1033 Bay Breeze Drive; $295,000

Daniel N. Hartwell to William F Harvey Jr; 1440 Lake Meade Drive; $479,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to RSL Homes LLC; 6706 Dickens Court; $256,100

Stephen J Carl Jr to Shareef N Awadallah; 1405 Mill Point Court; $361,900

Nicholas M Meadors to Dylan Kinee; 125 Dana Drive; $275,000

Ralph Gregory Moore TR ETC to Jonathan O Eskander; 5105 Mariners Cove; $740,000

Clifton F Bowers to Ryn Properties LLC; 605 Hollywood Avenue; $27,000

Kevin M Debritto Jr to Sunaingiri Gosai; 3015 Newbury Court; $335,000

Balance Builders Inc to Wayne R Wallace; 506 Waters Edge Lane; $178,900

Steven L Hill to Nelson R Fields; 8701 New Road; $80,000

Brandon D Joslin to Chase James Llyod; 4006 Ravine Gap Drive; $333,000

NVR Inc to Carlito Canchez Barrett; 2037 Van Zandt Parkway; $295,865

NVR Inc to Diamond Fenner; 105 Independence Court; $372,875

W Dale Gilbert to Robert A Shirley; 123 Robin Lane; $275,000

Robert G Laverty to Kaleb McManus; 1752 Pike Street; $375,250

Elizabeth Anne Yeomans to Kowanda L Rodriguez; 3007 Bay Shore Lane; $285,000

Donald L Goodman Sr to Micahel Fleming; 1209 B Street; $240,000

Katina Sharpe to Marnee Williams; 501 Millers Court; $241,500

Brandon O McAfee to Harvey Bernard Copeland; 921 Vineyard Place Unit B; $290,000

Linda M Jones to Joseph Anthony Bickett; 1181 Freeman Mill Road; $417,000

Harvey Wade Griffin TR ETC; Kathy L Taylor; 3000 Bay Shore Lane; $317,000

Raanilo M Untivero to Christopher P Collins; 113 Kennet Drive; $303,000

Michelle K Hoyte to Rosie McSwain; 1512 Raven Street; $265,000

Shamia D Hunt to Kimberly Thomas; 148 Mallard Drive; $210,000

Phillip Eric Williams to Peter Joel Mendonsa; 302 Blair Street; $228,500

Open Field LLC to Adrian D Morris; 4920 Marina Drive; $97,500

George W Tucker Jr to Carolyn Tucker; 7243 Arrington St Unit A; $210,000

Anthony Cruz Jr to Linda M Jones; 1232 Parker Drive; $234,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 104 Republic Lane; $181,800

AB Homes LLC to Jamie Lee Benitez; 8390 Gates Road; $285,500

Planters Station LLC to Ernesto E Cortes; 106 Station Drive; $394,150

Nathan S Brezovic to Tamika E Blanchette; 103 Squire Reach; $174,000

Robert I Henson to Fred L Pratt III; 4225 Deer Forest Road; $915,000

NVR Inc to Marcus L Peterson Jr; 2035 Van Zandt Parkway; $287,075

John D Parks TR ETC to Muhsin M Massenburg; 153 Lee Street; $189,000

Billy J Humphries to Morgan Lynch Bautista; 0 Wedgewood Drive; $157,000

George T Martin Jr to Terrence L Halsey; 808 Gittings Street; $233,900

Ashlin Prevatte to Jason Allen Hess; 2929 Ames Cove Drive; $1

Fernando Medina Jr to Johanna Nicole Kobus; 315 W. Constance Road; $201,000

KFV Homes LLC to Chareese LaToya Hill; 115 Blessings Circle; $342,535

Rajesh D Shah to Kaura Fulton; 2001 Van Zandt Parkway; $292,990

Keith E Roe to Daniel J Avery; 6301 Amberly Court; $315,000

Aaron C Plaskon to Kelly Nagle; 5063 Kings Grant Circle; $287,000

Wesley L King to Michael McCullough; 206 Princess Arch; $345,000

Matthew Rukstela to Maria Stan; 2411 Cherry Blossom Drive; $260,000

Amber Bigger to Curtis Conley; 803 Haskins Drive; $234,000

R & S VA Investments LLC to Ralph O Doak; Longstreet Lane; $173,585

Eric Joseph Milan to Jacob Casey Dyer; 106 Tournament Court; $238,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Peter John Paul Moran; 2029 Nansemond Parkway; $315,000

David W Goetz to Stephanie L Levine; 211 Cooper Lane; $375,000

William A Ayers III to William A Ayers III; 105 Tupelo Way; $1

Dennis Lee Schmidt to Parish D Parker; 130 Winterview Drive; $369,900

Fannie Mae AKA to Linfinity Assets LLC; 6754 S Quay Road: $144,000