Land Transfers for Sept. 4-10

Published 3:14 pm Thursday, September 10, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for SEPT 4 TO SEPT. 10

124 LLC to Seaboard Enterprises Inc; 665 Dutch Road; $40,000


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Wanda M Hoggard to Marcus Jackson; 6315 Orchard Cove Court; $395,000

Rochelle Dorrie Harrell to Aaron Fernandez; 306 Stonehenge Drive; $270,000

Planters Station LLC to Larenta J Bullock; 101 Allis Drive; $355,175

Bert B Henderson IV to ECCDH LLC; 804 Dumville Avenue; $265,000

Jason M Taylor to Austin K Sybert; 302 Waters Edge Lane; $172,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC; $1,290,000

Christopher Lance Terry to Fred Augustus Wadley III; 121 Mistral Terrace; $282,000

Leggett Properties LLC to Allegbory LLC; 308 Cedar Street; $135,000

Sam H Powell Jr to Jabari Aswad Johnson; 2304 Silver Charms Circle; $270,000

Matt Paul Rajkowski to Ernest Williams Jr; 103 Governors Lane; $449,900

Living Giving Investments LLC to Imani I Hill; 214 Oak Street; $159,000

BGRS Relocation Inc to Pamela R Knight; 234 Craftsman Circle; $196,800

Leo Wells to Shawn Andrew Vanhemel; 4500 Cole Avenue; $349,900

Mary S Ralph to Freddie T Gibson; 172 River Point Drive; $159,900

Samuel Todd Brown to AB Homes LLC; 580 Pioneer Road; $480,000

David K Undeland to Joseph D Russell Jr; 5010 Riverfront Drive; $490,000

Vincent Balo to Petersen Legacy Advisors Inc; 100 Richard Avenue; $95,000

Stephen A Haas to Prana LLC; 300 Burnetts Way; $125,000

Star Creek LLC to East Coast Development Group; 3387 Nansemond River Drive; $180,000

Robert E Rombs to Jr to Bryan Harris; 2455 Lake Cohoon Road; $769,000

Edward A Abel to Bradley Schwenk; 3110 Stonecreek Drive; $305,000

Darlene Duke Skeeter to Mae Burke; 6635 Cumberland Lane; $15,000

Ashdon Builders Inc to Peter N Farnsworth; 5054 Riverfront Drive; $499,900

Christopher James Bolliger to Danielle A Bailey; 4012 Ravine Gap Drive; $355,000

Melvin Osaro Walker to Brandywine Hightower; 3045 Kempton Park Road;  $375,000

Steven David Street to Francis P Matanane; 111 Longwood Ave; $320,000

Ainslie Group Inc to Kaye W Joyner; 2111Fieldbrook Place; $448,900

NVR Inc to Quay Aquinette Young; 2042 Van Zandt Parkway; $286,775

David G Carroll Sr to Marscheider Properties; 603 Rountable Court; $136,000

CMH Homes Inc to MSQUARED Development LLC; 2139 Oregon Ave; $45,500

BJC-N LLC to Jonathan P Wade; 128 Manning Road; $216,000

Towd Point Mortgage Trust US Bank to Steve A Warren; 105 Riverside Drive; $600,000

Richardo Perez to Ary Joel Glantz; 104 Watch Harbour Court; $523,000

Vernon Perry to Mark Fulton; 304 Brook Avenue; $57,500

Christopher C Leitner to Christy C Leitner; 1213 River Road; $330,000

IOW Properties LLC to Sean Woods; 109 Warren Street; $424,995

Miguel A Leyva to Justin Mardis AKA; 1009 Boundary Drive; $291,500

Clayton Synder to Joshua L Rock; 315 Constance Road #312; $210,000

Miguel Angel Yustiztorres to Virginia M Grisham; 406 Collier Crescent: $226,000

Gary W Priputin to Samuel A Donia; 3340 Matoaka Road; $330,000

Carolyn F Bunch to Ronald Ray Webb; 3755 Adams Swamp Road; $43,500

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Larry A Smiley; 3442 Raintree Circle $179,000