Land Transfers for Sept. 11-17

Published 3:15 pm Thursday, September 17, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for SEPT 11 TO SEPT. 17

Martha Giles to Kinmik LLC; 6060 J F K Court; $33,000

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Ernest Worrell Ellis AKA to Ashton Lewis Lumber Company Inc; 1315 Cypress Chapel Road; $78,058

Ernest W Wllis to Ashton Lewis Lumber Company Inc; Copeland Road; $77,210

Michael Stuart Cuningham to Anthony Orme; 4113 Bluebill Drive; $390,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc;107 Musket Circle; $91,300

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Pamela K Diggs; 5305 Sports Club Run Unit 403; $312,000

Bryan R Fries to Kionte Devon Samuel; 112 Woodlake Terrace; $335,000

Patsy B Markham to Hampton Roads Estate Development; $170,000

Kathryn R Bass to Basil H Woodworth; 2662 Manning Road; $289,500

Haley J Cassina to Alisha Robinson; 215 Waterwood Way; $261,000

Katherine Cunningham Rawls to Joseph B Culbertson; 517 Kilby Shores; $223,000

William F Baxter to Christopher C Leitner; 1305 River Road; $495,000

John Eric Hearns to Fred O Yeboah; 3112 Stonecreek Drive; $289,900

Charles M West to Chassity Beads Harris; 135 Riverwood Trace; $434,000

Karen Y Graham to Nhat P Lenguyen; 5641 Nathaniel Street; $165,000

Beata I Gonzales to Robin D. Hunter; 6201 Heather Glen Drive; $215,000

Jonathan Davis Richmond to Forrest Daniel Bonser; 7595 indian Trail; $267,000

NVR Inc to Brendy L Carter; 2005 Van Zandt Parkway; $301,000

Melvin Wiggins to Antonio Fisher; 5074 Kings Grant Circle #206; $335,000

Felicia E Byrum to Hathaway Homes Inc; 318 Pond Drive; $151,000

Jimmie R Jones to Debra A Radford; 7408 Holy Neck Road; $9,000

Sanira RealEstate LLC to MGB Properties LLC 1; 112 Woodrow Avenue; $65,000

Cathy D Edwards to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 4204 Gunston Drive; $3,004

Linard T Jones to Vernon R Butler; 1857 Greenway Road; $265,000

Okey A Igbonagwan to Ronald L Epps; 126 Birdie Drive; $393,000

David J Willis to Arthur K Voris; 1776 Mill Wood Way; $409,500

NRGC Development LLC to Bacarri M Jackson; 115 Peck Lane; $325,088

Michael Chinn to Rebecca L Popp; 2813 S Nansemond Drive; $225,000

NVR Inc to John Dikun IV; 117 Bristlegrass Court; $442,825

Amanda Coffin Williams to Yasmine Assanah; 2133 Redgate Drive; $349,900

NVR Inc to Takeisha Hailey; 2028 Van Zandt Parkway; $289,460

NVR Inc to Douglas C Myers; 103 Bristlegrass Court; $462,490

Roger C Wagner to Joseph A Coley; 1357 River Road; $487,000

EMR Investments Incorporated AKA to Heather D Rose; 4337 North Ainslie Court; $529,999

NVR Inc to Zachary R Franz; 107 Woodfern Lane; $421,480

Steven Reid to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $9,860

Beverly G Nuckles to Michael Joseph Johnson; 106 Little Pond Court; $429,900

Rodney E Ruffin to William Eugene Goodman Sr; 826 East Washington Street; $25,000

Kenneth J Ryan to Desmond K Walker; 4011 Harvest Reach Lane; $415,000

Lee Ann Brown Devisee to Charles Byrd; 2516 Joshua Lane; $131,000

Carlesi Construction Inc to Aaron A Kelly; 136 Pembroke Lane; $395,000

NVR Inc to Sherwin Kevin Joseph; 2024 Van Zandt Parkway; $301,050

Jimmy Chue Neng Xiong to Colby T Tynes; 817 Resource Drive; $175,000

Anthony G Hatch to Katelyn Hinzer; 2015 Manning Farm Lane; $305,000

Mark A Valdez to Kathleen Marie Veale; 3501 Cantering Court; $275,000

James R Page to William Hallwig; 106 Integra Court; $335,000

Gladys Parker to Woochan J Kim; 520 Kissimmee Avenue; $20,750

Jeffery Seneca Jr to Jasmine E Duncan; 131 Rochdale Lane: $305,000

Micahel J Bee to Robert DeJarnet; 1952 White Marsh Road; $430,000

Jennifer E Lozano to David J Willis; 4004 Evan Circle; $535,000

KFV Homes LLC to Adam Donald Sandstrom; 109 Blessing Circle; $361,845

Daniels Construction Corp to Robert A Perkins; 2585 Desert Road; $278,900

Michael C Morefield to Micahel R Chinn; 4104 Hargrove Trace; $322,250

Meadows Landing Associates LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC; 137 Meadows Landing Lane; $261,750

NVR Inc to Derrick Whitaker; 104 Musket Circle; $385,000

Todd D Ringwelski to Wells Fargo Bank; 320 S Main Street; $197,063

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 320 S Main Street; $197,063

Mark A Mosher to Jonathan Unangst; 671 Carolina Road; $145,000

NVR Inc to Tabatha Thompson; 2040 Van Zandt Parkway; $299,870

William W Pinkham to 1871 Bridge Road; Bridge Road; $900,000