Land Transfers for Sept. 25 – Oct. 01

Published 7:49 pm Thursday, October 1, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Sept. 25 to Oct. 01

Hilman Hicks to Mya Monquie Casteel; 7019 Spivey Run Road; $58,000

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KFV Homes LLC to Timothy C Dumminger; 141 Blessing Circle; $342,905

KFV Homes LLC to Cameron Blake Lindemann; 129 Blessing Circle; $337,080

AB Homes LLC to Cody Austin Sanders; 7525 Ruritan Boulevard; $391,415

Jason F Moore to Lisa Marie Connelly; 3128 Deer Path Road; $255,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; Patriots Walke Drive; $182,600

Lawrence P Whiting to Donald Jackson General; 109 Nansemond Parkway: $589,900

Alonzo Brisbane to Kia T Moten; 4014 Ravine Gap Drive; $369,900

Stephen J Brown to Natalie T Desurne; 120 Misty Ridge Lane; $265,000

Susan L McFatter to Thadious Webber; 646 Carolina Road; $210,000

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 6417 Whaleyville Boulevard; $10

NVR Inc to Angel Aretha Gray; 109 Independence Court; $433,600

Amber M Davis to Matthew C Waclawski; 8824 Harlan Drive; $315,000

KRBCB LLC to Anthony Perrello; 141 Herman Court; $178,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cedar Homes Investments LLC; 518 Eola Avenue; $120,000

Vista Homes LLC to Sherman Holland IV; 1502 Elderberry Road; $395,000

Linwood Stocks to Scott R Payne; 308 Turnstone Dr; $482,000

NVR Inc to Gregory Blair Eggleston; 101 Bristlegrass Court; $441,665

Maxie E Barnett TR ETC to Monte S Crowl; 406 Henry Street; $80,000

Ruby O Hunter to SNB Homes LLC; 2109 White Marsh Road; $150,000

Wells Fargo Bank National Associates to Dustin Logan Guthrie; 6415 Whaleyville Blvd; $127,000

CGA4 LLC to Charles Bryant; 0.51 Acres Formerly Land of Essex Watson and lillie H Watson; $430,000

Joseph A Falk to Charles L Bryant; 301 Philhower Drive; $265,000

Lewis Frank Byrum Jr to Marcus Dexter Myers; 23136 Sandy Point Lane; $370,000

Sherry A Toman to Chris Robert Stafford; 204 Baron Boulevard; $313,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kenneth Evans; 3313 Burlington Street; $150,000

ELBAR Inc to Monte S Crowl; 408 Henry Street; $80,000

Maxine E Barnett TR ETC to Monte S Crowl; 410 Henry Street; $80,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to John L Stifle TR; 124 Creekfront Lane; $378,722

Pukar Koirala to Jennifer E Raburn; 3502 Curry Cob Point; $310,000

Jason M Tone TR ETC to Lonnell Reed; 9516 North River Road; $625,000

Carolyn Thomas to James W Riddick; Lots 32 and 33 South Fifth Street; $24,900

Adewale Victor Oshin to Daniels Construction Corporation; 59913 Indian Trail Road; $115,000

Marice O Griffith to Daniels Construction Corp; 0 Hosier Road; $25,000

Cody W Goldizen to Rachel E Cohen; 4413 Brent Street; $224,000

Daniels Construction Corporation to Daivd Barrs; 1920 Hobson Drive; $329,900

Curtis Judlins to Casa Di Bella Development LLC; 906 Delaware Avenue; $150,350

Stephaine M Cowart to Amanda Contreras; 7042 Indian Trail; $400,000

John Paul Sims to Alfonse Ferrara; 1513 Governors Wharf; $625,000

D & Y Enterprises LLC to Jason F Gish; 4604 Brookwood Court: $75,000

Vivian Van Burden to BGRS Relocation Inc; 234 Craftsman Circle: $196,800

James C Whitley to Sue W Powell; 117 Robin Lane; $259,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 3347 Bridge Road; $1

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 3347 Bridge Road; $1

HHHunt Corporation to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 5635 Shoulders Hill Road; $1

Real Investment at Riverfront LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 5315 Sports Club Run; $1

Rudolph D Skinner Jr to Erica Brosnan; 2214 Florida Avenue; $155,000

NVR Inc to Wendy Marie Gooding; 2038 Van Zandt Parkway; $266,160

Mackenzie R Hatton to Eric Albert Aymer; 1900 Hosier Road; $289,900

NLI Properties LLC to Latessha Mosley; 532 Battery Avenue; $104,900

NVR Inc to Melissa Alspaugh Pittman; 116 Bristlegrass Court; $371,330

Channan P Brinkley to Matthew C Geurtis; 450 Freeman Mill Road; $489,900

Zara T Stringfield to Keily Ponce; 3900 Pughsville Road; $130,000

Tatitha N Henderson Coles to Josheua Samuelson; 117 Farrand Drive; $375,000

Xina M Joseph to Donna L Ragland; 6717Hampton Roads Parkway Unit 117; $245,000

123 Wellons LLC to Wellons Property LLC; 123 Wellons Street; $150,000

Charlene L Till to Christopher C Stadler; 6229 Burbage Acres Drive; $300,000

Jacob Boggs to Jacob Clabbatz; 557 1st Avenue; $230,000

RF8B LLC to Ralph Labidou to 103 JonBoat Drive; $404,268

Harris W Hall to Frederick C Newhart Jr; 203 Northbrooke Avenue; $223,500

Kyle C Conner to Cheyenne Thiemann; 2311 Indian Trail; $283,000

Tidewater Investments 3 LLC to Victor L Howard; 2222 Florida Avenue; $154,000

Kevin E Reynolds to C & M Homes LLC; 226 Abington Circle; $132,000

Edward B Eichelberger to Anthony E Miller; 3311 Mintonville Point; $335,000

Taratex Development Corp to Daniels Construction Corp.; 0 Airport Road; $5,500

Kirk IOW Properties LLC to Michael R Kirk; MMJ Properties LLC Kirk Hwy 10; $720,000

Ann M Hudson to Steven C Bass; 6075 Newington Place; $255,000

Kirk IOW Properties LLC to Michael R Kirk; Wells Hwy 10 Norfleet Nansemond River; $350,000

William L Downing to Jonathan K Starling; 1071 Bay Breeze Drive; $310,000

Tyler J Smith to Tyler A Brown; 138 Squire Reach; $169,000

Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads Inc to Jamie Alberto Tyler; 219 Pitchkettle Road; $185,000

Heather T Holleman to Thomas Carl Muller; 1640 Pitchkettle Road; 1640 Pitchkettle Road; $175,000

NRGC Development LLC to Bobby R Stringfield; 114 Peck Lane; $286,369

Henderson PR Builders LLC to Scott F Spencer; 100 Cloverleaf Lane; $370,315

Kevin J Martin to Frederick Morrison AKA; 2004 Dock Landing Court;  $310,000

NVR Inc to Dawayne Davis; 2036 Van Zandt Parkway; $264,075

NCR Inc to Denrick Stedroy Bailey; 119 Musket Circle; $438,850

Thomas J Joyce III to Brian P Heath; 121 Misty Ridge Lane; $350,000

PFJ Southeast LLC to CHN LLC; 2400 Holland Road; $5,180,000

Kelly C Parks to Marquette Griffin; 305 Teton Circle; $186,000

Villeneuve V Nelwan to Danny L Steele Jr: 106 Tee Box Lane; $366,000

Stephen C Cobb to Henry Lance Singletary Jr; 100 Pitchkettle Point Drive; $414,900

Raymond E Atkins to Sephanie L Segida; 103 Count Crescent; $340,000

Toney O Hunt to Donald L Gaines; 109 Pelican Reach; $565,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL Commissioner to Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC; 6209 Freeman Mill Road; $48,500

Lynn C Harris to Cecil L Carr; 1372 Kingsale Road; $30,000