Suffolk man starts fundraiser for masks at polls

Published 8:02 pm Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Suffolk man wants to make sure everyone has a chance to vote and that face coverings will not be a hindrance to do so in Hampton Roads.

Adam Capps, who has lived in Suffolk for the past 12 years, started a GoFundMe to help provide disposable masks at polling locations across Hampton Roads. Capps knows the importance of voting and also the hindrance that not having a mask can cause. After making a call to the registrar’s office, he found out that they would not have masks to provide voters who do not have one.

“I want people to vote, and I hate COVID-19,” said Capps. “When I heard that they weren’t going to be supplying masks, I had to do something. I want people to be able to vote and not have to choose between voting and their safety.”


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Capps’ family owns a flag manufacturing business, U.S. Flag & Signal in Portsmouth, that has been making cloth masks for the past four months. The company has also been able to import disposable masks as well for government workers. This has given Capps a direct and easy way to buy masks for his donations.

Capps has already made personal donations of masks to Suffolk’s polling places and schools. Suffolk voting registrar, Susan Saunders, confirmed that the mask donations are ready for those who come to vote in Suffolk without one.

“The first 60 boxes were on me, but I am hoping that people will help so that I can give more donations to more cities,” said Capps.

He hopes this GoFundMe will provide him with more funds to expand his donations throughout the rest of Hampton Roads and even beyond. The fundraising started Sept. 24 and has had a slow start. The goal is set to $8,500 to extend the gift to more areas.

“I want to get the word out so that we can raise enough to supply the entire area,” said Capps. “I would love to be able to donate to polling places in low socioeconomic areas or give more to places with a higher population.”

To help provide masks to voters across Hampton Roads, visit to donate.