Land Transfers for Oct. 2 – 8

Published 7:52 pm Thursday, October 8, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Oct. 2 – Oct. 8

David A Calderwood to Alexander D Hard; 101 Prescott Court; $270,000


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Andrew S Wharton to Jonas Page; 5053 Huntclub Chase; $266,000

Davonna Jones to Keosha Q Smith; 1507 Cheriton Lane; $195,000

Timothy W Sturges TR ETC to Clidell Conston; 3010 Bay Shore Lane; $316,000

Frederick J Kelly to David W Gentry; 6954 Ruritan Boulevard; $232,500

Barbara Lowe Copeland to James Arthur Darden Jr; 5794 Indian Trail; $7,500

Mohamed Bahaa Eldin Morsi to Claibon McDade; 4305 Gunston Drive; $190,000

Sandra M Highsmith to Ashton T Newsom; 1107 Buoy Court; $179,900

RF8B LLC to Xina M Joseph; 100 Jonboat Drive; $406,616

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Mark D Richardson; 221 Reservoir Lane; $357,260

RF8B LLC to Donna M Lasster; 103 Drifter Drive; $348,664

Hilda C Hobbs to Sold Ease LLC; 2016 White Marsh Road; $140,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 221 Declaration Lane; $182,600

Suzanne Heath TR ETC to Jose Bocanegra; 2036 Nicklaus Drive: $245,900

Fannie Mae AKA to Egal D Manning; 3005 Willow Ridge Court; $395,000

Wulf Berg TR ETC to Norma J Dorey TR ETC; 8525 Cherry Point Road; $560,000

Jones Swamp LLC to True Blue Bailey LLC; 2091 Holland Corner Road; $150,000

Mark Moten to Ashley Hayes; 104 Crocker Street; $241,200

Wirth Holdings LLC to Jason K Boyd; 4034 Michael Drive $495,000

NVR Inc to William Eugene Spittle II; 107 Bristlegrass Court; $518,745

Janet G Aston to Enviva Fiberco Inc; 705 Buckhorn Drive; $27,523

SMJ Realty LLC to Enviva Fiberco LLC; Buckhorn Drive; $24,286

Trevor Newcomb to Eric Alston; 117 Freedom Lane; $450,998

Jonathan R Waller to Bobby Lee Bowles Jr; 2718 Schoolhouse Lane; $315,000

Micahel B Moring to Jeremiah R Keene 416 Beamons Mill Trail; $225,000

Kevin A Smith to Dijah Lloyd; 2016 Teton Circle; $178,000

Lorynda Myles to Joseph Windell Parrish; 137 Suburban Drive; $320,000

Frank Grillo to Brandon James Gonzalez; 129 Ridgecrest Drive; $270,000

NVR Inc to Jaunae Williams; 421 Declaration Lane; $389,600

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Regan D Smith; 6718 Quaker Drive; $330,000

Jimmie D Sullivan to Michael A Webb; 103 Lakeview Court: $578,000

Ainslie Group Inc to Edward Heide; 618 Gardenbrook Place; $105,000

Tori Ibrahim to Lawrence Taylor; 153 Kennet Drive: $315,000

Anthony Leroy Gainey to Capital Private Equity Inc; 711 Battery Ave.;  $30,000

William Jones to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 388 Collier Crescent; $2,795

Carmen Cobb to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 100 Squire Reach; $3,635

Phillip E Mosley to Darryl Louis Mixon; 110 Cove Point Drive; $319,900

Benny Lee Flournoy Jr to Darron C Miller; 2277 Kings Hwy., $288,000

Suffolk Hillpoint Association LLC to Yi Chen; 133 Sandcastle Circle; $373,053

Cassandra D Devine to Troy Adamos; 6209 Cambridge Drive; $193,500

James H Durden Jr to Lagwana N Lassiter; 202 Raleigh Ave.; $199,900

Carolyn V Brown to ALE Nation LLC; 604 Matthews Court; $60,000

Kirk Cameron Kemmerzell to Angela Del Pilar; 5613 Person Street; $295,000

NVR Inc to Sammy Delano Allen Brown Jr; 119 Bristlegrass Court; $583,615

Micahel J Tillman to Sarah M Davis; 6422 Whaleyville Blvd., $200,000

NVR Inc to Brita Pickens; 2034 Van Zandt Parkway; $307, 750

NVR Inc to Brian B Towne; 105 Bristlegrass Court; $456,776

RSL Homes to Steven Margitich; 139 Kristen Lane; $214,900

Jeffrey A Ponko to Denise Dalton; 2004 Indian Point Road; $418,995

Orrace Clifton Eley to Orrace Clifton Eley; 103 Hopemont Lane; $10

Mary E Derrell to Thomas Connor; 6575 Godwin Boulevard; $175,000

Paragon Contracting Group LLC to Brian Kelly; 4505 Marlin Avenue; $409,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to BSJ LLC; 101 Secretariat Drive; $645,000

Kevin M Robinson to Pro Sold Real Estate LLC; 0 Hawk Lane; $40,000

TyQuan R Spratley to Solutions Home Buyers LLC; 5649 Frank Street; $105,000

Nicholas H Taylor to London A Hatton; 3731 Pear Orchard Way; $210,000

Tyler A Raynor to Justin Jones; 840 Mayflower Drive; $281,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Heather E Scott; 433 Terrywood Drive: $326,750

Cheryl L Fromme to Michael Roy Park; 201 Armor Way; $330,000

AB Homes LLC to Cursit E Bolen Jr; 7515 Ruritan Boulevard; $407,100

Abbie Aclin to Yleanada CanGbay; 3760 Pear Orchard Way; $218,883

Patricia A Vinson to Dean Fox; Philip L Black to 3024 Bay Shore Lane; $319,000

Michael W Conn to Pamela Hubbard; 2078 Queens Point Drive; $320,000

NVR Inc to Shashikant Bhailalbhai Patel; 2032 Van Zandt Parkway; $262,055

Stephen Lay ERTA to Katherine Warsik, 1128 Longstreet Lane; 180,000

William T Wells to Seth E Southard; 104 Dove Court; $320,000

Andrea Lieber to Duyen My Le; 6208 Cambridge Drive; $214,900

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLP to Megan Anne Eberwine; 122 Creek Front Lane; $398,572

Witten Brothers Construction Inc to Gray Electric Inc; 1980 Northgate Commerce Parkway Suite D; $325,000