Creating positive outlets

Published 8:34 pm Monday, October 12, 2020

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A local elementary school student is taking advantage of the pandemic to find creative outlets.

Breanna Bradshaw is a 9-year-old fourth-grader at Pioneer Elementary School and has found her love for art as she spends more time at home than she is used to due to virtual learning.

“I like to draw people, animals, backgrounds, and dresses,” said Breanna. “My favorite thing to draw is dresses. I’d like to be a fashion designer one day.”

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According to Breanna, she does not know when exactly she started drawing or why. She just knows she has found something to help calm and inspire her.

“We sent a drawing to her art teacher, Mrs. Morrison, and she was in awe,” said Breanna’s mother, Heather Howell.

Using paints, colored pencils or pencils, Breanna has made drawings for friends who have requested her work. For a friend of her mother’s, Breanna drew characters from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” including Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero. Currently, Breanna is working on a cardinal.

Breanna enjoys other creative outlets, including singing and baking, but she has found a passion for artwork.

“She’s a very happy child, but this virtual learning has been rough on her,” said Howell. “She just sits down and draws her quiet time, and it really helps with her anxiety.”

According to Howell, drawing has helped give a creative outlet and help Breanna, who misses those one-on-one interactions with her friends and teachers. Her school art teacher even encouraged Breanna to draw simple shapes like in “Tetris” to help calm her.

“Even if it is just a hybrid situation, the kids really need to go back to school,” said Howell. “This virtual learning has been really hard on her. I respect everyone’s opinions and know some are scared, but most of us want them to go back.”

Howell tries to stay positive in the situation while helping Breanna find fun ways to be creative.

“I would love for other people to hear about Breanna and be inspired to find their hidden talents during this time,” said Howell.