Land Transfers for Oct. 9 – 15

Published 6:19 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Land Transfers for Oct. 9 – 15


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Jamie Hope Wise to William E Boone Jr; 2042 Nicklaus Drive; $270,000

NRGC Development LLC to Kenneth H Layre Jr; 113 Peck Lane; $368,762

Demetria Stallings to Tiffany L Taylor; 315 W Constance Road #249; $212,000

Jackson Copeland Road I LLC to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 3830 Jackson Road; $25,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 213 Deceleration Lane; $91,300

Timothy R Moore to Matthew S Butler; 5010 Topsail Court; $425,000

Joseph F C Levans to Shanell Smith; 505 Lucerne Avenue; $176,000

Shirley A Weeks to Scott Nobles; 326 Lummis Road; $134,000

Merilynn CSpears TR ETC to Malek Daviri Nikzad; 8604 Patridge Point; $364,000

Nicholas D Renninger to Paul H Brandon; 701 Dumville Avenue; $322,000

Jennifer H Ward Devisse to Jared Lundy; 1717 Colonial Avenue; $264,900

Planters Station LLC to Bhavik Chandrakant Patel; 100 Chalmers Drive; $394,762

KRBCB LLC to Steven S Smith; 117 Herman Court; $175,000

Germaine Celeste Dedrick to Germaine Celeste Dedrick; 205 Baron Boulevard; $23,878

Derrick Parkos to Jossani Josiah; 300 Stonehenge Drive; $265,000

NVR Inc to Eric Paul Jennings; 2026 Van Zandt Parkway: $292,960

NVR Inc to Gabrielle Montanez; 109 Woodfern Drive; $479,055

Michael Hardy to Michelle L Hardy; 4625 Magnolia Drive; $165,000

Thomas W Blair to David Lane Hayden Jr; 215 Water Pointe Way; $595,000

Jason M Harding to David Arthur Middlebrook; 2107 Gunston Drive; $198,000

Lawrence Cupstid to Christian A Corbett; 914 Virginia Avenue; $255,000

RF8B LLC to Cynthia R Price; 101 Jonboat Drive; $345,887

RSL Homes LLC to Jerry Scott Sr; 1402 Falcon Street; $280,000

Joyce Moore TR ETC to Kaylin Harman; 109 Earl Court; $200,000

Edwin Cecil Roberts III to Jeannine Alicia Taylor; East Side of Reid Street; $248,320

Jose Luis Rodriguez to Jessica Megan Valois; 6304 Liverpool Lane, $313,000

Patricia Cox to Sheyla M Marin; 120 Birch Lane; $210,000

Timothy C Reckers to Matthew Souders; 118 Rabey Farm Road; $339,000

M Suzanne Scruggs Rogowski to Kevin Dean Ritter; 3604 Cook Road; $289,900

Sasser Construction LC to Cythina Smith Holthoff; 105 Creek Lane; $652,000

Jonathan M Urquhart to Brain James Naughton; 514 West Washington Street; $373,900

Michelle Lewis to Ture R Phillips; 2801 Waters Edge Lane; $225,000

Elisa Rivera to John Vasquez; 138 Patriots Walke Drive; $370,000

James C Breakfield to Hayden Custom Homes Inc; $50,000

Tyler James Matthews to Michael D Romeo; 4864 O’Kelly Drive; $330,000

Shannon S Chain to Marc I Schrader; 1028 Meadows Reach; $310,000

Villas At Lake Meade LLC to Arnitra Young; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 301; $242,500

Villas at Lake Meade LLC to Pierre Durant; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 306; $246,000

Virginia Rawls Ashburn to Rachel R Reynolds; 121 Northbrook Avenue; $215,000

Darwin A Grizzle to Gary R Dooley; 4256 Butler Drive; $165,000

Christopher C Hearn to Michael Samuel Evans; 620 Chisholm Lane; $76,000

Susana M Solomon to Fayequita Dublin; 604 Cedar Street Extension; $177,000

Carrie Lynn Mortinger to Justin J Lessard; 6837 Elwood Road; $251,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to James D Breckenridge; 120 Creek Front Lane; $381,124

NVR Inc to Jermaine Clarke; 417 Declaration Lane; $459,120

Clister M Gee to First Providence Realty Inc; 426 Jackson Street; $27,000

Drew J Dempsey to Anika Monk; 186 Wexford Drive E; $165,000

James H Durden Jr to Michael Conn; 613 Babbtown Road; $377,585

Real Investments At Riverfront LLC  to Joseph Francis Dent III; 5309 Sports Club Run Unit 500; $369,000

725 Carolina Road LLC to Better Health Care Family Services; 725 Carolina Road; $235,000

Thomas Y Robinson to James Drumgoole; 1056 Hillpoint Road; $325,000

FFC Properties LLC to Devondra Gilliam; 1230 Woods Edge Circle; $245,000

William M Mack Jr to Chasity Weatherspoon; 1240 Parker Drive; $268,000

Jonathan Gilbert to Thomas Leahy; 201 Waterbury Cove; $266,000

Josue Esquivel Aguliar to Lorenzo E Jackson; 204 Finney Avenue; $220,000

Robin Tracy Olson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 214 Wexford Drive: $5,571

Thomas A Apple to Jason Timothy Van Gorden; 404 Adorn Court; $335,000

Jones Swamp LLC to Eric J Heuberger TR ETC; 6320 Quaker Drive; $95,200

Kelsey R Littlefield to Micahel A Caine; 205 Hackberry Court; $376,500

Villas At Lake Meade LLC to Mariah M Humphries; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 304; $242,975

James E Watts to Thomas L Robinson; 105 Torrington Circle; $460,000

Antoinette B Parson to Alvis W Sanchez; 6408 North Sandgate Drive; $350,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Oliver D Creekmore TR ETC; 116 Creek Front Lane; $381,586

Arlene Mothershed Devisee to Bases Hit LLC; 526 Kilby Avenue; $30,500

Allen J Taylor to Adam Orion Takgan Ingersoll; 1244 Murphys Mill Road; $289,900