Writer urges Milteer vote

Published 6:29 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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To the editor:

On Nov. 3, voters will cast their endorsements to multiple candidates for leadership for the future. As we assess the justifications for supporting our choices, many considerations enter our decisions.

Curtis R. Milteer Sr. is seeking re-election to Suffolk City Council. He has a distinguished and historical record of serving in that position since July 1980. Mr. Milter has been continuously elected for obvious reasons.

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The voters of the Whaleyville Borough who put him in that position of leadership 40 years ago are not the same people who continue to see his commitment and ability to deliver the best municipal services possible to the Whaleyville Borough and the City of Suffolk. Voters age and move. He has continued to gain endorsements from new residents, citizens becoming of age to vote, and established citizens who recognize the wisdom of his leadership.

Serving as councilman, he demonstrated from the beginning, typically accomplishment begins by meeting as necessary with city staff to gain their endorsement and analyze the reality of providing the resources to make a recommendation possible. Some needed projects require a majority vote from City Council. Mr. Milteer continues to practice the savvy and respect required.

His accomplishments are and continue to be a result of being connected to and responsive to his constituents. From identifying needs and priorities, the next level to accomplishment is to build a consensus with necessary stakeholders that provide endorsement and resources. This process requires time, planning and diligence.

Mr. Milteer, throughout his service, has been honored as vice mayor, mayor and First Citizen of Suffolk.

Accomplishments for the Whaleyville Borough include public sewage in Saratoga, South Saratoga, along Carolina Road, Turlington Road, street lights, fire and rescue facilities in Whaleyville, Whaleyville Recreation Center, to support for irritating minor problems such as drainage, or a dead tree hanging over a street.

Mr. Milteer has won an allegiance of support across the years because of his caring and prompt responses for his constituents, his ability to deliver our needs to the administration of the City of Suffolk, and his proof of success. The Whaleyville Borough and the City of Suffolk is a better place as a result of Mr. Milteer.

Howard C. Benton