Police reports for Oct. 23-25

Published 9:50 pm Monday, October 26, 2020

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations.

October 23

Molesting, Location withheld


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Non-reportable offenses, Second Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Military Road

Assault police officer, Godwin Boulevard

Drugs, possess cocaine, Western Freeway/Bridge Road

Robbery, commercial/business, Carolina Road

Hit and run, property damage, Freeney Avenue

Hit and run, property damage, Kings Fork Road

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Breaking and entering, residential, Indian Trail

Destruction of property, Clay Street

All other fraud, Hillpoint Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, North Joyner Court

Hit and run, South Main Street

Hit and run, Route 58/Wilroy Road

Molesting, Location withheld

Animal bite, Bridgeport Way

Simple domestic assault, Freeney Avenue

Petit larceny, Ash Wood Drive

October 24

Simple domestic assault, Hunter Street

Non-reportable offenses, Mingle Road, Gates, N.C.

Simple domestic assault, Smith Street

Overdose, Calvert Court

Lost or stolen, Roosevelt Drive

Destruction of property, Kings Highway

Larceny, shoplifting, North Main Street

Destruction of property, Old Westham Drive North

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Soundings Crescent Court

Lost property, East Constance Road

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Second Avenue

Non-reportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Overdose, Whaleyville Boulevard

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Destruction of property, West Washington Street

Petit larceny, Goodman Street

Hit and run, Carolina Road/Obici Industrial Boulevard

Possession of marijuana, Godwin Boulevard/Hannah Hunt Boulevard

Hit and run, Hampton Roads Parkway

Possession of marijuana, Holland Road

Simple assault, Rosemont Avenue/Megan Lane

Larceny, shoplifting, North Main Street

Simple assault, Holy Neck Road

October 25

Kidnapping, Route 58/Pruden Boulevard

Overdose, South Saratoga Street

Shooting from vehicle, Boynton Place

Simple domestic assault, South Main Street

Aggravated assault, Prestwick Street

Elude police, Western Freeway/College Drive

Lost or stolen, Carolina Road

Drug overdose, Pruden Boulevard

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Belleharbour Circle

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Natural death, Queens Point Drive

Drugs, possess heroin, Great Fork Road

Non-reportable offenses, Linden Avenue

Destruction of property, North Broad Street

Larceny, shoplifting, Hampton Roads Parkway

Non-reportable offenses, Battery Avenue

Destruction of property, Nansemond Parkway

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Robbery, commercial/business, West Constance Road