Helping people get back to work

Published 6:11 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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As COVID-19 continues to linger, businesses are faced with requirements and tasks to slow the spread of this virus. Luckily, a Suffolk-based company has developed a new application to make things easier for businesses.

SymptomVue is an application that launched at the beginning of October. This is an application for businesses to track their data and watch the symptoms of those who enter, allowing the choice to stay open or closed based on real data within their own four walls.

“With Virginia requiring businesses to have an infectious disease preparedness and response plans with reports and documentation, this application helps employers keep track of their data and make their plan,” said Chief Executive Officer Loren Harvey.

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Troy McCollum is the owner of the IT company Layer 9. Customers had approached McCollum asking about a kiosk option to check people in that was touchless and they could do themselves, since it is not always practical to have someone at the door at all times. Another asked about having a system for all the CDC questions employees needed to fill out when they arrived each day. McCollum approached Harvey, and SymptomVue was born.

“We wanted to look at the workflow and do what we could to digitalize the process and streamline it so people can get back to work,” said McCollum.

Now, visitors and employees can scan a QR code to access the admission questions on their personal devices before going into the building. If there are any symptoms shown, the employer is immediately alerted and able to track all recorded data to look for patterns.

Even though it was built for COVID-19, the system can do much more. The questions are customizable for the employer to choose. The app can check symptoms for other illnesses or make sure they are adequately prepared for their shift.

“There is a construction company that uses it and has added questions to make sure the workers are wearing steel-toed boots and their hard hat,” said Harvey. “The questions are up to the employer for whatever they need.”

The application is the central part of SymptomVue, but there is an option to get a kiosk. This kiosk is touchless and has a camera that can take accurate temperatures and make sure those entering are wearing a mask.

“It can legally protect employers as they try to protect their staff and others,” said McCollum. “Employers can sleep better at night, knowing they are doing everything they can to protect their employees, and employees can feel comfortable coming into work, knowing that proper precautions are being followed.”