Get students back in schools

Published 3:50 pm Friday, November 6, 2020

To the editor:

In the article “Board keeps school virtual” in the Suffolk News-Herald (Oct. 28), the topic was regarding students not going back to in-class learning versus continuing online. It was stating that the School Board has decided that students need to continue to learn online. The article discusses how the student will stay online, but this is not the best choice for our students and children.

Understandably, schools are having reopening issues due to COVID, but students suffer from not having a traditional education. As a college student and a sister to a fourth-grader, I see how online learning impacts her and not being as effective as a traditional class. Online learning is causing issues between students, parents and teachers. Students are not getting the necessary help that they need, and it has become frustrating for parents. Issues that have come up during online learning are issues with the technology and with parents that do not understand how to use the applications or devices. Parents were promised a tutorial in using the technical programs, but there was no tutorial given. Students are also missing the crucial socialization that they get when in class with their peers. As a college student, I see the same struggles with my education. I have a hard time getting help from teachers, as some do not respond to emails. The classes are becoming more self-taught than having a teacher teach us the material. Students rely on other sources to help understand the material, which is the same for some K-12 students.


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As I mentioned before, COVID is making life hard for everyone, but we need to do more for our children and students. Students need to return to school, and there are ways to return students to school safely. Suggestions that could help with this is to sanitize all high touched items such as doorknobs or desks. Students and teachers can wear masks, use hand sanitizer as needed, and separate desks six feet apart. We need to get our students back into the schools. This can happen if everyone in the community comes together and understands that online learning is impacting our children negatively.

Emily Boychuck