Land Transfers for Oct. 30 – Nov. 05

Published 7:59 pm Friday, November 6, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Oct. 30 – Nov. 05

Alberta O Biggs to Boby S Whittaker; 1305 Mill Oak Court; $370,000

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Zarine Mistry Revocable Trust Dated; Lot 23 Sleepy Point Way; $300,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Jessica M Cook; 401 Terrywood DRive; $343,565

Planters Station LLC to Benjamin J Holter; 209 McCormick Drive; $365,500

Solomons Builders Inc to Matthew Key Baldwin; 4209 Rivercliff Crescent West; $393,977

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 125 Blythewood Lane; $10

Andy Brockinton to Hampton Roads Holding Company; Hudgins Circle; $27,760

Derrick L Anderson to Sherrita C Quarles; 0 Woodruff Street; $185,000

Brian D Hafford to Kshawn J Harrigan; 850 Wilory Road; $345,000

Fannie Mae AKA to Jacob Rutherford; 1713 Colonial Avenue; $277,250

Jacob Rutherford to Samuel I White PC TR; 1713 Colonial Avenue; $283,126

Stacy A Norman to Sessoms Holdings LLC; Lots 155 and 157 West Jericho; $10,000

Ricky D Geroge AKA to Casa Di Bella Development LLC; 800 Gittings Street; $135,000

Natasha Wilson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2116 Canvasback Drive; $9,151

KFV Homes LLC to Leshaun L Sloan; 127 Blessing Circle; $305,025

Dennis C Watson to Sarah A Schmeckenbecher; 8811 South Quay Road; $210,000

NRGC Development LLC to David Young; 121 Norfleet Lane; $324,878

Geneva C Purvis AKA to 124 LLC; 122 South 5th Street; $18,000

James Keith Wright to James H Durden Jr; 359 Babbtown Road; $75,000

Scott Lee to Joseph McMurtrie; 3006 Hogan Way: $245,700

Jacob W Koger to Joseph A Smith; 206 Crown Arch; $310,000

MD Suffolk LLC to James H Durden Jr; 625 Babbtown Road; $78,000

Christian Brown to Stanley P Bates; 1013 Blythewood Lane; $149,000

Adrian A Holland to Jonathan M Caldwell; 1006 Delaware Avenue; $234,500

MD Suffolk LLC to James H Durden Jr; 621 Babbtown Road; $80,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Diana Pezzeella Towers; 118 Creek Front Lane; $355,054

Timothy D Colburn to Janet L Herderson; 3221 Shelter Cove Court; $649,000

BankUnited NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3740 Carolina Road; $1

MaryLou P Durney to Carlesi Construction Inc; 42398 Pontiac Circle; $115,000

Camp Pond Road Trust to Eduardo Fergus; 95 Camp Pond Road; $11,000

Erin Marie Webb to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2402 Red Oak Lane; $2,561

Ronnie W Byrum to Christopher L Smith Sr; 112 Springfield Terrace; $332,500

Jonathan K Starling TR ETC to Nathan Charles Lortz; 406 Great Oak Court; $798,000

William J Higbea Sr to Edward G Magaw; 1020 English Oak Drive; $352,000

Bridge Point Recreation Corporation to Bridge Point Boat Ramp LLC; Lot 7A I/E and Parking Bridge Point Farms; $1

Edgar Woodrow Dunagan II to Foster Living Trust Dated July 1; 1712 Cotton Farm Lane; $708,900

Barbaro J Perez to Christopher David Johnson; 5006 Riverfront Drive; $484,000

Terrell M Ashlock to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1104 Fern Lane; $8,272

Christopher Lance Parkman to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3744 Knotts Creek Lane; $6,123

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Andrew Thomas Shaffer; 2002 Herons Pointe Lane; $433,610

David S Harper to Corinda V Pippins; 3016 Bay Shore Lane; $319,400

Wille Green to Antoine Goodman; 513 Ashley Avenue; $14,200

WBLG Holdings 01 LLC to Antoine Goodman; 515 Ashley Avenue; $22,800

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 101 Victory Place; $182,600

Ritchie McMorris to Olanrewaju R Afolabi; 308 Stone Cove; $260,000

Jami Amidon to Tauren M Sampson; 3445 Raintree Circle; $457,000

Matthew Daut to Timothy McCary; 301 Berry Ridge Lane; $400,000

Michael J Candra Jr to Stephen Hicks; 3502 Cantering Court; $281,000

Kerwin S Post to Eric Rinehart; 3624 Manning Road; $415,000

Kim C Bartlett TR ETC to Steven W Burch; 5105 Regatta Point Road; $800,00

Brett N Turano to Justin R Ferry; 3602 Traverse Circle; $275,000

Perseverance Properties LLC to Unit Builders LLC; 914 Barbara Drive; $55,000

Andrew J Cain Jr to Benjamin Pittman; 4697 Schooner Boulevard; $350,000

Chhaya Patel to Ian Hunter Slagle; 4116 River Park Drive; $240,000

Willie A Battle Jr to 7 City Builders LLC; Lot 5 Sleepy Hole Magisterial District; $50,000

Garet Wiseman to David D Guerra; 8228 Lee Hall Avenue; $248,000

Josue Esquivel Aguilar to John R Davis; 1214 Mount Pleasant Drive; $329,000

NVR Inc to Vivian Hirt; 102 Spikerush Drive; $433,380

Ryan Foster to Ashley Copeland; 9021 Eclipse Drive; $200,000

RF8B LLC to Christiana Gilbert; 105 Drifter Drive; $383;841

Dalton W Stoltz to Sara Hefti; 7004 Porthole Place; $365,780

Craigh Myers to Hemal Dilip Patel; 5031 South Links Circle; $460,000

April D Giddens to Clevon W Daye; 855 Colonel Meade Drive; $10

Daniel D Frohman Executor to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; 1772 Kings Forks Road; $46,000

Katherine F Nuckols FKA to Thomas R Patterson; 121 Lane Street; $99,000

Hastings and Sons LLC to Niesha Searles; 107 Byrd Street; $285,000

Leslie Roberson to Shane S Chellis; 1314 Pheasant Circle; $300,000

David J Brooks to Mikel David Byrd Jr; 3012 Beech Grove Lane; $365,000