Sending a message of protection

Published 3:51 pm Friday, November 6, 2020

To the editor:

The column “Personal Protective Equipment” (by QuaWanna Bannarbie, Oct. 25) touches on two very important issues. The first, although not the focus of the article, I related to personally. Every person should be able to wear their hair or “crown” how they like it. It’s how we can express ourselves as individuals. While I don’t have an afro, I do color my hair often and tend to keep more obscure hairstyles. I get looks, and the people that will occasionally ask, “Why do you do that to your hair?” But the point is that it shouldn’t matter to other people what you choose to do to your hair.

Now if you go through such lengths to protect your hair, why wouldn’t you protect your life? As we have all become much more used to wearing masks in our everyday lives, it seems people are also starting to feel it’s not necessary anymore. “The wearing of PPE during this pandemic suggests that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves,” mentions the author. Even though it’s not always enforced as heavily as it was when Covid-19 was still new to us, I still choose to wear a mask out of respect for my neighbors. Most of these people are complete strangers to me, but these little acts of kindness can bring us together as one. It sends a strong message: “I will protect you.”


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Cristy Gibson