An unseen rainbow

Published 8:08 pm Friday, November 13, 2020

By Ariane Williams

Exhausted. Drained. Overworked. Mixed emotions. Confused. All those words plague my mind as I prepare to teach each day. Educators, you are the true superheroes in the field of education. I want to encourage you today not to lose yourself in the process of this new time of searching and teaching. I know that you are giving your best; I pray that God will begin to open new doors of creativity in connection to your passion. I pray that your houses are covered and protected as you speak into the atmosphere of the houses of the students that you teach. To some, we have become the unseen rainbow, but there are those that see us and acknowledge our colors.

Last week, I did not realize that I worked 14 hours preparing lessons, grading assignments, conferencing with students and parents, checking the assignments of my own children, keeping the house in order, finalizing my dissertation; I was at the edge of the mountain not realizing that I was getting ready to fall if I took just one more step. I was so exhausted one night that my husband tried to pick me up to place me in the bed. My body crashed. My mind crashed. My spirit crashed. I felt like an unseen rainbow. I was looking for the same expectations in a new world of change.


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In the midst of a busy morning, my husband called me to tell me to come outside. When I got outside, he was astounded to tell me about this rainbow that he spotted over our house. However, I was too late; I did not see the rainbow, but I knew that it was there, because I believed him. As he described how this rainbow was perfect, I realized that God protects what we think is unseen or uncovered. I felt a sense of peace that day as I taught my students. Later that day, one of my neighbors sent me a picture of a beautiful rainbow that she captured by our house. She captured what I did not see. It is OK if people do not see your worth. God sees it. I see it. I can feel it.

You have not lost the passion that was birthed within you. It may be hard to feel it at times, but it is there just like that rainbow was there that I did not see. I have contemplated a thousand times to just throw in the towel. Then, there’s a message such as, “You make me love English. You teach us more about English. You teach us about life.” I want to encourage you today to go back into your closet and rebuild your creativity. You become that unseen rainbow and create new things: change the game. Encourage the teachers around you by leaving messages in random places. Words can change the atmosphere.

I encourage you to eat better, because I forget. Get out there and walk for 10 minutes to clear your mind. Talk to an adult today. Write down a scripture that represents energy and repeat that scripture throughout the day. If you are the only one on that screen, you rock that smile and teach your heart out. As we look at our world and notice the division that is taking place, we must support each other. I had to pour into me. You are more than enough. You will give your enough. You will teach the best lesson. You will tap into new areas of creativity.

Spiritually, rainbows symbolize change. After Noah experienced the roughness of the waters of life, he was greeted with a rainbow after leaving the ark. However, it took place after. You will experience the rainbow after. You will experience a new change after. If we only see with our spiritual eyes, then we will never see the bridge that God is creating for us to walk over. We will experience the rainbow. You are no longer an unseen rainbow. I see you; I love each and every one of you. Go teach.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at