Land Transfers for Nov. 13 – 19

Published 6:01 pm Thursday, November 19, 2020

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for NOV 13 TO NOV. 19

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Mark D Horwitz; 142 Creek Front Lane; $493,705


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SAHAJ LLC to Jayeshkumat M Patel; 712 West Washington Street; $85,000

William Alfred Davis III to Yolonda Golden; 4424 John Street; $267,000

Doncarlos D McWhorter to Nathan Harris; 6011 Steeplechase Lane; $315,000

Jon C Morris Jr to Robert M Falconer; 6208 Oakglen Drive; $200,000

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 201 Declaration Lane; $182,600

Fred Eubanks Jr to Kendall Beck; 1307 Cheriton Lane; $198,000

Lewis Investors LLC to Keyven K Dancy; 304 N 4th Street; $282,800

Ronald Allen Newton to Asunta Nadia Thomas; 1119 White Herons Lane; $529,900

Kristin W Forrester to Maxine Everett Cheeks; 426 Forest Hills Crescent; $220,000

Dylan W Bratton to Weston J Lumbard; 866 Rountree Crescent; $275,000

NVR Inc to Samuel Green; 205 Declaration Lane; $401,395

Khanh H Phung to Hunter Balls; 5018 Breleigh Lane; $250,000

Patricia B Cox to Landon W Carico; 122 Birch Lane; $209,900

Barbara P Cornell TR ETC; La Etta Blount; 1531 Lake Speight Drive; $157,965

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLP to Carl L Hertzler; 433 Retreat Drive; $375,458

Jason P NieMczura to William A Davis; 100 CottonDale Place; $374,000

Jeffrey W Gerkitz to Luther B Gray IV; 8609 Viney Vista; $425,000

KFV Homes LLC to William Nicklay; 131 Blessing Circle; $405,030

Suki E Tooley to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1107 Teton Circle; $7,840

Nansemond River Medical Properties to S&D Roberts LLC; 0 Jonathans Way; $200,000

Dianne D Boone CTA to Patricia B Cox; Sadler Heights Lot 1 Block G; $115,000

RF8B LLC to Jonathan Girot; 121 Longtail Drive; $350,366

Brandenburg LLC to Langdon D Montgomery; 2701 Waters Edge Lane; $225,000

A One Properties LLC to Andrea L Trammell; 345 Little Fork Road; $423,593

Clifton L Willoughby to Dennis A Quinee Sr; 117 Pelican Reach; $500,000

John Lester Fuhrmann to JFT Properties LLC; 1941 Wilroy Road; $100,000

MIchael T Holloway to Cody J Newland; 3129 Caroline Crescent; $396,000

Talario Jenkins to Fletcher Reid; 510 Crocker Lane; $114,900

Rudolph E Edwards Jr to Arnold Lee Gordon Sr; 4809 Deer Path Road; $250,000

Solutions Home Buyers LLC to Rashude Sykes; 100 Wren Road; $295,900

Scott J Thomson to Kimbre McStravick; 118 Sharpe Drive; $335,000

Morgan Johnson to Michael A Alonso; 412 South Saratoga Street; $190,500

David M Giunti to Dylan Bratton; 2157 Partridge Place; $348,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Breyunia E Willians; 2005 Herons Pointe Lane; $430,165

Fair Winds Properties LLC to Revolution Development Virginia; 200 Bute Street; $310,000

Brian J Howell to Jessica Chinnici; 3004 Beech Grove Lane; $365,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLLP to Rolmir Ivan Garcia; 431 Retreat Drive, $392,318

Patricia A Cook TR ETC AKA; Westin Taylor Floyd Daniels; 816 Garden Lane; $245,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Franciscus At Bennetts Creek LLC; Parcel 2 Bennetts Creek Quarter Phase 1 6.2527 Acres; $3,150,000

Kenneth E Jensen to Honey Rachelle Morgan; 723 Riverview Drive; $365,000

Norman March to Deborah H Derleth; 5105 Quaker Drive; $279,000

Beth C McNeal to Robert L Haywood; 2097 Queens Point Drive; $279,000

Michele P Morrison to Matthew W Moore; 109 Governors Lane; $441,000

Robert Silk Jr to Jacob Dewayne; 114 Lakes Edge Drive; $330,000

Erica L Silk FKA to Swanniqua Smith; 1202 Cheriton Lane; $198,000

John L Bancroft to Micahel T Holloway Jr; 405 Hastings Place; $520,000

Robert W Hill to Jeffrey N Davenport; 1518 Elderberry Road; $405,000

William C Powell to Tony L Ammons Jr; 8961 River Crescent; $410,000

Richard F Barry III to John R Broderick; 9165 Wignell Street; $360,000

Janet L Henderson to Traci Lynn Cogdill; 146 Sharpe Drive; $340,000

N B Brothers II to United State of America; 3348 Desert Road; $515,000

Matthew Bullard to Matthew A Schutz; 1093 Greenway Road; $355,000

Darrell Blount to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3000 Newbury Court; $10,079

Brian Ketih Griggs to Steven R Bergren; 210 Ivystone Reach; $349,200

Dennis P O’Brien to Evan Catlin; 6306 Pelican Crescent South; $361,100

Vista at Lake Meade LLC to Alyssa Yasimen Corona; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 305: $245,000

Marcus Knapp to Thomas M Culbertson; 4400 Hubbard Avenue; $305,000

Brianna N Henson to Marquise Wilkerson; 2104 Redgate Drive; $295,000

Michael J Grimes to MIchael Lugo Sr; 117 Lake Front Drive; $485,000

Food Lion LLC to Suffolk City of; 1010 Portsmouth Boulevard; $155

Robert Jefferson Buch to Demetris Taylor; 2015 Augusta Court; $255,900

Jennifer Simona O’Quinn to Allison C Richter; 206 Reservoir Lane; $345,000

Terry A Tutt to Vernon Hairston; 2003 Brians Lane; $335,000

RF8B LLC to Aleatria L Williams; 105 Jonboat Drive; $351,994

James William Baker TR ETC to robert Emons; 327 Tindalls Court; $835,000

Sold Ease LLC to Monette Huffman; 404 Wilson Court. $100,000

Darnicia Smith to Samantha Turner Little; 149 Berkshire Boulevard; $252,000

Reginald C Layden to Edeliza V Carter; 782-C Bennetts Meadow Lane; $249,900

NVR Inc to Cannie Burris; 301 Declaration Lane; $388,885

Dennis G Bauer Sr to Terry Nemmers; 112 Hillside Avenue; $309,900

Cedric N Dedeaux to Gereron Lee Ruffin; 2007 Redgate Drive; $330,000

Tyler J Hawley to Juana J Port; 118 Misty Ridge Lane; $310,000

Kenneth L Venable to Tracy Lewis; 202 Chenango Crescent; $290,400