Land Transfers for Nov. 27 – Dec. 3

Published 6:04 pm Thursday, December 3, 2020

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NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Nov. 27 to Dec. 3

Teresa Louise Turner to Just Right Homes LLC; 5045 Shoulders Hill Road; $125,000

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Brent Carson Winslow to Jason Andrew Winslow; 611 Cypress Cove Lane; $471,000

Ogee Jones LLC to Y Capital Private Equity Inc; Lot 22 0.16 Acre; $40,000

James Calvin Knight to John E Booth; 1418 Blythewood Lane; $135,000

Rodger L Behm to Robert L Slingluff IV; 6616 Holland Road; $120,000

John W Constable to Clinton C Baker; 508 N Broad Street; $332,500

NVR Inc to John M Huey; 111 Woodfern Lane; $424,430

Chris R Stafford  to London Lazar G Haugabrook; 1000 Skiffs Landing Lane; $275,000

Dillion Ray Martin to Jonathan Stewart Darling; 5061 Holy Neck Road; $365,000

Carlos Ward Sr Inc to M D Bivins Construction LLC; 114 Oak Street; $40,000

Micheal T Spruill to Raymond D Felton Jr; 272 Wexford Drive; $177,000

Goodman Developers Inc to Craig J Ingram; Third St West Jericho; $4,000

Saud A Muhammad to Christome M Babashanian; 927 Tenton Circle; $180,000

NRGC Development LLC to Robert R Miller; 118 Peck Lane; $318,210

Steven R Morean to Tammy Renea Ford; 1104 Freeman Mill Road; $172,000

Mcky Dan Sherwood to Nicholas Tangredi; 5320 Mineral Springs Road; $299,000

Andre J Woodard to Shelika Denise Whitefield; 2123 Georgia Avenue; $225,000

Steve A Warren to Christopher M Hansborough Sr; 200 N Capital Street; $149,000

Christopher John Brown to Brandon J Polk; 6408 Sheffield Court North; $308,000

Kimberly Hughey to Isaiah Summersett; 108 Birdie Drive; $400,000

Carters and Sons Furniture Co Inc to N and N land Company LLC; 219 W Washington Street; $285,000

Sarah L Eason to Torres 205 LLC; 205 Philhower Drive; $44,900

RSL Homes LLC to Michael Pruitt; 6706 Dickens Court W; $371,000

William D White to Verney Bandy; 1101 Lakeside Drive; $182,000

Michael Barnes to Marc A Velez; 814 Rilee Drive; $248,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Dominic Xavier John Sr; 2004 Herons Pointe Lane; $460,755

KFV Homes LLC to Paris U Freeman; 126 Blessings Circle; $344,550

Kyle L Curling to Justin Tyler Gore; 1005 Snead Drive; $281,000

Dawn E Kanehl to Andrew J Tobias; 5111 Gleneagle Way; $459,900

Zachary Jones to Joseph R Caterbone III; 249 Kilby Shores Drive: $245,000

Monica Ocana to Robert Schieber; 1103 Pin Oak Drive; $300,000

RF8B LLC to William Douglas White; 102 Drifter Drive; $349,952

Alphonso L Tabb to Hangbo Lin; 101 Whimbrel Drive; $405,000

Next One LLC to Johnathan Bonet Sepulveda; 305 Lummis Road; $373,116

Yves Emilus to Marcus L Cooper; 143 Rochdale Lane; $310,000

KMIR Homes LLC to Justin J Hannah; 738 Oxford Street; $225,000

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to LW S Lawn Services LLC; Lot 9 Oak St South Suffolk Civil Law Case 19-2106; $17,500

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to Antwann Gore; 4381 Griffin Lane; $18,500

Greenhouse Properties LLC to Seth Cooper; 1276 Wilroy Road; $230,000

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to AT&K Investments LLC; 739 Oxford Street; $13,500

Clarence H Brooks Special Commissioner to Adebayo Abebambo; 222 Webb Street; $30,000

Devin Gaye to Leanne Elliott; 5016 Kelson Street; $316,900

John D Parks TR ETC to Natley J Ledgering; 116 Charlotte Avenue; $219,900

NVR Inc to Charles Meeks III; 100 Spinkerush Drive; $436,095

Freedom Properties Investments LLC to Michelle Love; 304 Woodruff Street; $215,000

Khambrel J Potts Williams to Robert D Goodenough; 2020 Nansemond Parkway; $280,000

Villas At Lake Meade LLC to Hezouwe Tchalim; 200 Seasons Circle Unit 303; $247,925

Jason L Scalzitti to Dawn E Kanehl; 2112 Livingston Street; $230,000

Brittany K Kendrick to Moria G Wolfinger; 6047 Newington Place; $245,000

John P Deehan to Rebecca Franklin; 100 Little Pond Court; $359,000

Jerrett W Hurtt to Preston Christopher Bixler;1528 Manning Bridge Road; $365,000

Morgan S Zukosky to Kyle Carrero; 6221 Glenrose Drive; $305,000

Jerry Wilson to Rolanda M Turner; 661 Whaleyville Boulevard; $220,000

Ebonie Seals to Julian LaQuita Hollowell; 804 Cripple Creek Lane; $224,000

Sherry Bono to Katelyn G Morgan; 2022 Regency Drive; $270,000

Nicholas Farris to Mahogany Mayfield; 208 Saint James Avenue; $182,000

Chantel Hamlin to Alexander James Robertson; 809 Garfield Ave; $226,000

Ciara Harris to Yvonne Wyatt; 812 2nd Avenue; $210,000

James H Durden Jr to William Somerindyke; 4844 Mineral Springs Road; $207,000

Village Pointe LLC to Village Pointe Land LLC; 107 Village Pointe Land LLC; $544,000

Robert H Brinkley III TR ETC to Charles E Parker; Deer Forest Road; $12,500

Robert H Brinkley III TR ETC to Charles E Parker; Masters Rt 604 Parker: $12,500

Jana E Boyd to Marchus Khalid Mitchell; 3045 Bay Shore Lane; $274,000

Planters Station LLC to Michael Ponds; 207 McCormick Drive; $387,250

Sarcy Rentals LLC to Lynn Connor; 105 West Wavey Court; $100,000

F & F Homes LLC to Seau Baquera; 2293 William Reid Drive; $360,000

Kristen Nicole Jones to Kirk Brown; 110 Chapel Hill Court; $325,000

Carol Diane Stancill Hall Heir to Andrew Lanier; 620 Butler Avenue; $350,000

Elizabeth J Maynor TR ETC to Ebonie Nikol Seals; 1484 Cedar Creek Lane: $700,000

Fritz A Whitefield to Bradley Burrets; 1024 Snead Drive; $292,000