Land Transfers for Dec. 25 – 31

Published 5:23 pm Friday, January 8, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Land Transfers for Dec. 25 to Dec. 31

Thomas B Hoddinott to Robert Sarver; 3741 Arbor Road; $275,000


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John W Collick Jr to Mason Corniel; 147 Kennet Drive; $308,000

Charles R Bagnell Jr to Joel Andrus; 1773 Bleakhorn Road; $405,000

Steven J Korahaes to Horace H Webster Jr; 101 Kings Point Drive; $365,000

Suffolk Farm LLC to Series 3 P.S.A Protected Series of BRAC of Virginia; Old Somerton Road; $1,850,000

Gizaw Makuria to Georgette Scott; 1206 Waters Edge Lane; $184,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Joseph T Wilson; 115 Meadows Landing Lane; $276,250

Regginnar Love to Marina Castro; 816 Rilee Drive; $255,000

Tracy V Stewart to M&T Bank; 113 Watch Harbour Court; $480,108

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Antonio Smith Sr; 2017 Herons Pointe Lane; $456,355

William Goodman to Holmes Family Holdings LLC; 125 N 8th Street; $17,500

Donald General to Eric G Felton; 5102 Tanglewood Court: $445,500

NVR Inc to Ronnie Eugene McClendon Jr; 109 Musket Circle; $409,990

NVR Inc to Jerry Alonzo Palmer; 107 Musket Circle; $430,135

Mark T Wilde to Steve A Johnson Jr; 217 Berry Ridge Lane; $365,900

Sharen A Wilson McGlothen to Derrick K Jennings; 106 Windy Point Drive; $430,000

Roger A Bryant to Douglas Andrew Brawley; 5300 Doral Woods Court; $449,000

Beth A Combs to David Alshay; 1684 Faulk Road; $148,000

Daisy Jones to Joe Steve Romero; 5216 Shoal Creek Road; $360,000

Michael P Adeszko to Aaron J South; 1805Savoy Court; $255,000

Valerie R Guess to Nhat P Lenguyen; 114 Lookout Circle; $409,900

Christopher Dail to Kenneth E Bacon; 208 Pond Drive; $195,000

SOMB Properties LLC to Yasymaily Denisse Ruiz; 5815 Hawk Lane; $280,000

William E Brooks Jr to Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC; 4415 Cole Avenue; $65,000

Lee Ann Properties LLC to Craig Johnson LLC; 860 Portsmouth Boulevard; $550,000

AB Homes LLC to Jonna Henkel; 411 Kingsale Road; $327,475

Herons Pointe Land LLC to John Arnold Wilson; 1012 White Herons Lane; $558,275

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to James E Fields; 1143 White Herons Lane; $387,715

Jamie L Dennison to Elizabeth A Ward; 213 Nansemond Avenue; $152,000

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Steven B Harrelson; 223 Reservoir Lane; $352,600

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Andrew Stem; 439 Terrywood Drive; $328,460

Bryan J Gill to Brian T Gray; 2203 Tuliptree Circle; $405,000

NVR Inc to Ryan Wayne Thurmon, 113 Independence Court; $370,898

James A Carnegie Jr to Josh C Raines; 337 Sussex Court; $291,000

LWS Suffolk Station LLC to Aspen Suffolk LLC; 1930 North Main Street; $2,425,000

Jonathan A Truthan to Lance David West; 3616 Prices Fork Boulevard; $272,000

VCS LLC to 213 Market Street LLC; 213 Market Street; $90,000

Michael B Haverty to Carrie OConner; 414 Hastings Place; $700,000

Lisa Lacroix to Lawrence Whiting; 2808 Lake Cohoon Point; $500,00

John R Tice to Regan Elliott Peterson; 3760 Knotts Creek Lane; $335,000

Marsha L Aleem to William H Fountain; 324 East Saint Brie; $402,000

FPB Investments LLC to ACI Suffolk LLC; 2000 Amedeo Court; $2,100,000

Theodore Hunter to James J Durden Jr; 295 Pleasant Street; $26,000

Carolyn Winborne James to Raymond W  Stevens; 30 AC Meadow Country Road; $83,900

Nell Elizabeth Brothers TR ETC to CTK Properties LLC; 641 Second Avenue; $68,000

Christopher Outland Jr to Glenn M Bradshaw Jr; 315 W Constance Road #302; $221,000