Land Transfers for Jan. 8-14

Published 1:00 pm Friday, January 15, 2021

Jan. 8 – 14


NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

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Walter S V Peyton to Sidney Hunt; 111 Golden Sunset Lane Lane; $455,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to Columbia Gas of Virginia Inc; 4316 Sleepy Hole Road; $1

Cherry Grove Farms of Suffolk Inc to James C Bunch; 1801 Cherry Grove Road; $150,200

Jonathan A Nisbet to Cynthia G Phelps; 407 Waters Edge Lane; $185,000

Alexis R Jackson to Johnica J Brown; 320 Hunter Street; $216,197

Jason E Braye to Alexandra Lynn Vivian; 152 East Wexford Drive; $167,500

Barry L Sexton to Yolanda S Eaton; 5541 Godwin Boulevard; $195,000

Tiana Williams to Chico M Green; 765 Turlington Road; $333,000

Joseph W Dennis to Richard Palin; 401 Sherwood Drive; $285,000

Kalita J Foster to Gregory Higgins; 2237 Humphreys Drive; $239,800

Luke A Sheehan to Kyle T Oaks; 3005 Wincanton Cove; $350,000

William H Fountain III to Sherelle F Wingate; 2235 Humphreys Drive #257; $246,000

Thomas Lennie Holland to Simon Williams; 3629 Sherwood Place; $155,000

Michael L Goforth to Jimmy Resulttay Abad; 5804 Bernhowe Manor Lane; $417,000

NVR Inc to Jonathan Daniel Wilkins; 217 Declaration Lane; $408,155

Andrew J Whalen to Emmit Jordan Hawks Jr; 9103 River Crescent; $580,000

AB Homes LLC to Nickolas Paul Duran; 8460 Gates Road; $371,325

NVR Inc to Dee W Blake; 418 Declaration Lane; $390,495

NRGC Development LLC to Loreto G Java Jr; 122 Peck Lane; $375,684

Kelly Sweeney FKA to Ericka Occeas; 217 Fallawater Way; $285,000

Christina K Cartier to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 3256 Nansemond Parkway; $52,800

Jade Alexis Blankenship to Johnny Taylor Penigar; 125 Brewer Avenue; $159,000

Andrew J Geisendorfer AKA to Christopher J Snyder; 6404 Loxley Court; $325,000

Rogaciano M Dajao Jr to James William Swing Jr; 2109 Governors Pointe; $469,900

Tyrone M Harris to Kanita Shiquia Sumner; 6219 Heather Glen Drive; $199,900

Bennetts Creek Quarter to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 3347 Bridge Road; $1

James R Evans TR to Chrsitina Crowley; 201 Stowe Drive; $335,000

Booster LLC to Gracie Mae LLC; 1034 North Hillpoint Boulevard; $900,000

Planters Station LLC to Dreama D Moore; 104 Chalmers Drive; $371,575

Roberta Halmond Waters to Crystal P Banks; 320 York Street; $90,000

Dana M Santore to Matthew W Charles; 3025 Frederick Street; $245,000

Timothy B Farrington to Kelly Llyod Dickson; 3306 Trotman Wharf Drive; $459,000

MPJ Enterprises to Gregory Burke; 308 Central Avenue; $170,000

Charles A Baker Jr to Robert L Nicholson; 8561 New Road; $107,000

CSMC 2018RPL5 to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc; 431 Hull Street; $67,000

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc to S&A Home Improvements LLC; 431 Hull Street; $62,400

YCapital Private Equity Inc to Benay Patrick; 2224 Florida Avenue; $207,000

Diann Mason Beard Exe to Black Tip Associates LLC; Saint James St; $17,000

Mary Byrum to Tyrone Crawley; 1080 Portsmouth Blvd; $195,000

Lynn M Harendza to Anita Pryer; 4039 Ravine Gap Drive; $352,000

J C Land Ventures LLC to Tyler Page; 761 Turlington Road; $344,900

Teresa J Merrell to Travis McClendon; 2029 Fairway Drive; $1,025,000

Kurt W Brugeman TR ETC to Matthew E Crawford; 4135 Mockingbird Lane; $470,000

Adam Martin to John H Hite; 2233 Dean Drive;$233,000

Alix David Anthony to Michelle Peele; 333 Stonehenge Drive; $260,000

Justin S Stockman to Cedar Homes Investments LLC; 133 Fairfield Avenue; $98,000