Land Transfers for Jan. 15-21

Published 3:14 pm Friday, January 22, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Jan. 15 – 21

S&K Brothers Enterprises LLC to Moores Pointe LLC; 1214 Portsmouth Boulevard; $80,000


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S&K Brothers Enterprises LLC to Moores Pointe LLC; 1214 Portsmouth Boulevard; $50,000

James D Herbert to Ashley L Martini; 4023 Hargrove Landing; $347,000

Eric Monore Jungclaus to Lanoda R Alexander; 6002 Torrey Pines Lane; $296,900

Planters Station LLC to Frederick D Reid Jr; 239 McCormick Drive; $346,052

William T Rice to Victor Manuel Trujillo Jr; 4841 TownPoint Road; $315,000

Lohamaty Inc to Kelly & Pierce Realty Group Inc; 247 Pine Street; $45,000

Joshua L Hawkins to Mark R Branson; 411 W Constance Road; $160,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to CAG & DLS Home Improvements LLC; 6417 Whaleyville Boulevard; $117,000

Sarcy Rentals LLC to Dexter Wayne Ledbetter; 809 Wavey Court; $176,000

Bronte S Davis to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3606 Coach House Court; $11,426

Maria C Fitzgerald to Nathaniel McGarry Cooke; 204 Eagles Nest Trace; $514,900

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Brian Anthony Oglesby; 1140 White Herons Lane; $480,335

Corey G Vinson to William K Holland; 2009 Ketches Court; $435,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Jason D Oliver; 129 Meadows Landing Lane; $305, 675

Matthew Grace to Keith Jensen; 8952 River Crescent; $360,000

Revolve Capital Group LLC to Thousand Keys Acquisitions 2B LLC; 917 Douglas Court; $55,000

Evelio Andres Marulanda to Samuel Ray; 131 Clay Street; $233,000

Jeremiah L Hill to Anthony C Miller; 8787 New Road; $466,000

Richard K Roth to Jacob T Owens; 572 Turlington Road; $197,500

NVR Inc to Montrell Allen Gibbs; 322 Patriots Walke Drive; $462,750

Janet Detch to Gabriel Pierce; 5125 Quaker Drive: $300,000

Herbert Hassell to Robert L Rodgers Jr; 5000 Lytton Spring #202; $9,000

Property Liberations LLC to Elmer Morales Torres; 745 Oxford Street; $93,500

Antonio Myrick to Dawn Hester; 2226 Humphreys Drive; $220,000

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Micahel Phillip Harvey II; $445,565

R A Lawson Corp to Suffolk City of; 108 Bellflower Lane; $1

River Creek LLC to Keisha Thorne Smith; 1647 Wilroy #102; $250,000

PRA Retail 1 LP to Realty Income Properties 9 LLC; 1401 North Main Street; $9,165,818

9317 Gates LLC to AB Homes LLC; 10550 Camp Pond Road; $45,000

Vincent P Williams to Simone J Blythe; 6016 Spinnaker Cove Court; $550,000

Dream Chasers LLC to Brittany Henderson; 2022 Brians Lane; $298,900

Jeffrey T Coston and Jennifer E Coston to Stacie A M Athanasiadis TR ETC; 139 Brittany Lane: $509,000

Courtney Marie Bennett to Enock O Bichanga; 4412 Ellington Avenue; $295,000

Nansemond Reserve Investors LLC to Taylor Construction LLC; 115 Secretariat Drive; $430,000

Kelsey Wilkins to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 849 DAvis Boulevard; $7,768

Dominique L Holloman to Daniel J Kirk; 169 Kristen Lane; $230,500

Michele Posillo II to Richard Mark Him; 6801 Burbage Lake Circle: $341,000

Justin Rudish to Leah D Travers; 307 Applewood Court; $292,000

NVR Inc to Ryan Trent Lafone; 213 Declaration Lane; $399,201

Bill R Creager to Michael K Nierman; 9340 Eclipse Drive; $350,000

Michael K Nierman to Dawson L Lawhon; 1728 Martin Road; $282,500

Rachel E Tyler LLC to Mid Atlantic Engineering Group; 1548 Holland Road; $450,000

Swamp Investments LLC to Swain and Temple Inc; 2000 Copeland Road; $315,000

Pitchkettle Lake Meade LLC to 4th Generation Home Builders LLC; $180,000