Board meeting was teachable moment

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2021

To the editor:

Recently I viewed the Jan. 14 Suffolk Public Schools Meeting on YouTube. The aim of this was to continue to be informed concerning the current status of Suffolk Public Schools as well as to understand the proposed way forward for the rest of the school year.

This quickly became a teachable moment of how not to act in a position of authority or as a subordinate. This became a teachable moment for my children and me when I was going to discuss the future plans of the school year and instead I had to explain that even adults, highly educated and trained in educational and leadership principles, could behave in a manner no better than a petulant child. Obviously, this is a dysfunctional body that has in this instance proven incapable of moving forward in its current state.


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Dr. Gordon, whose tact I have appreciated when confronted with highly inappropriate comments on his personal appearance on Facebook Live Q&A sessions, was unable to show as much respect towards his ostensible superior as a middle school child would be expected to show a reprimanding teacher. Eye-rolling and indignant sighs were in evidence for all to see at the two hour and forty-minute mark.

Please can we stop looking like fools? Multiple lawsuits, tens of thousands of dollars spent, and still we have not had the questions many of us with children in the community want to be answered.

Be the leaders we elected you to be, not petty children.

Casper Hileman