Land Transfers for Jan. 22-28

Published 3:12 pm Friday, January 29, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Jan. 22 – 28

Nahra & Damiani LLC to General Lewis; 222 Bank Street; $105,000


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Nansemond Investments to Nvr Inc; 113 Victory Place; $91,700

Daniels Construction Corp to Ryan C Waters; 1140 Turner Drive; $249,900

Arever Group Inc to Kimberly Mejia; 201 North Broad Street; $220,000

Anna R Sullivan TR ETC to Suffolk City of; 3701 Pughsville Road; $123,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Dianne Donegan; 1449 Wilroy Road; $249,000

Kelley E Hanna to Shawn Scovel; 3548 Carolina Road; $352,000

Kelley E Hanna to Shawn Scovel; 3636 Carolina Road; $5,300

Romeo N Octavo to Christopher Parrish; 6068 Brookwood Drive; $190,000

Planters Station LLC to Romero Jeanlouis; 231 McCormick Drive; $369,250

Charles A Fellers Jr to Kenya Harris; 302 Autumn Circle; $360,000

Kristy N Jackson to AB Homes LLC; 5356 Godwin Boulevard; $239,900

Darrin Lilly to Glasser and Glasser Attorneys; 215 Reservoir Lane $12,439

East Coast Development Group Inc to Arland Owen Haney; 3387 Nansemond River Drive; $717,290

Chesapeake Atlantic Development to Nicholas D Renninger; 5020 Riverfront Drive; $135,000

James H Durden Jr to Makhi Raytheon Davis; 411 Linden Avenue; $202,900

Leslie M Boykins AKA to Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.; 1201 Gray Court; $88,731

Grove Avenue Developers Inc to John Jacob Busch; 127 Farrand Drive; $429,900

Timothy A Laycock to Tessa M Duarte; 1044 Ellis Road; $189,000

ME Partners LLC to Tidewater Animal Clinic LLC; 538 E. Constance Rd., $250,000

Ronald J Snipes to Laquan Randell Thomas; 146 Mallard Drive; $260,000

Robert E Hess to James D Herbert; 2708 Burning Tree Lane; $386,250

Vernon Perry to Awesome Drain Cleaning and Water; Crocker Street & White Lot; $8,000

Fannie Mae AKA to Eric Elam; 2303 Gunston Drive; $215,500

James A Hayes III to Austyn Stoops; 1124 Portsmouth Boulevard; $310,000

Carrie L Davis to Daniels Construction Corp; 5544 Godwin Boulevard; $15,100

Carrie L Davins to Daniels Construction Corp: 5534 Godwin Boulevard; $15,100

Joseph R Wilson TR ETC to Sahar Jooshani; 4437 Cherokee Drive; $530,000

Perry McMillion Custom Homes LLC to Norman M Sonntag; 5813 Hawk Lane; $285,000

Charletta Pearl Hornetanner to Charles F Gregory; 7135 S. Quay Road; $213,500

Almane T Cherry to Emanuel E Thomas; 6222 Burbage Acres Drive; $320,000

Solomon L Midgette to Anthony Perry; 7249 D Arrington Street; $222,000

Jonathan M Griffin to Daryl Lindwood Harlow; 5322 Marsh Landing Lane; $615,000

Ronnie Junior Sallywhite to Wesley L Gregory Jr; 202 Tracy Drive; $275,000

Anthony S Mansfield to Samuel I White PC TR; 4026 Brians Lane; $311,800

AB Homes LLC to Jennifer Riley Edwards; 270 Badger Road; $359,475

Shirley C Minger to Ellsworth Benjamin Sessoms III; 307 Page Place; $330,000

Perseverance Properties to Joyce E Shepherd; 912 Barbara Drive; $237,000

Angela W Yarborough to Jameson Williams; 110 Warren Street; $285,000

Lenwood Silver Heir to CBEG Enterprise LLC; 1741 Sawmill Road; $50,000

John W Shipman to Sparkle Susan Edwards; 6221 Cambridge Drive; $215,000

Lori Jean Spillane AKA to Marcia Magann; 472 Milford Lane; $309,500

Brooks Morgan White to Dustin S Mericle; 2988 White Marsh Road; $290,000

William Burkentine to Alice Bernice Roisten Gregerory; 915-A Vineyard Place; $300,000

Margot Wilson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 112 Eagle Lane; $3,757

Charles P Scott to Diversified Investors LLC; 1013 Barbara Drive; $110,000

Arthur Hoffler LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; 4233 Driver Lane; $1

Nansemond Reserve Investors LP to BSJ LLC; 137 Secretariat Drive; $430,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Karah Gibree; 120 Meadows Landing Lane; $314,685

Michael S Mader to Steven E Zuk; 1129 Driver Pointe Court; $401,000

NVR Inc to Muhammad Allie; 120 Republic Lane; $385,705

Sara B Trickett to Robert M Batchelder; 6083 Newington Place; $253,950

Shay Poczontek to Robert Owings; 3606 Gold Cup Point; $333,600

Terrance J Cornish to Almane Thomas Cherry; 511 Berry Ridge Lane; $440,000

Beverly A Blake to Robert Murphy IIl; 1845 Horseshoe Point Road; $335,000

Christopher A Jones to Bobby Jessie; 2107 Redgate Drive; $334,900

Jason R Fulford to Danell Le Nard Pugh; 325 York Street: $246,900

Suffolk Land Holding Inc to WBLG MGMT Two LLC; 244 Carolina Avenue; $270,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Aura Bailey; 333 North 5th Street; $3,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Frank El; 219 North Capital Street; $3,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to RAlph Howell; 109 West Constance Road; $4,400