Health department criticism unfair

Published 5:44 pm Tuesday, February 2, 2021

To the editor:

We are writing in support of the Suffolk Public Health Department. In recent articles and editorials, a negative impression was given regarding the Suffolk Health Department’s plan, or perceived lack of, to administer COVID-19 injections.

To the contrary, we were able to call 757-514-4781 on Thursday, Jan. 18, and after several tries, persistence paid off, and we were scheduled for our vaccinations on this past Friday, Jan. 29. We shared the contact information with several friends and neighbors, and, as a result, seven others that we know of were able to also get scheduled for their vaccinations on the same date.


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Upon arriving at the Suffolk Health Department, we were greeted immediately by an outgoing individual who confirmed our appointments, provided pre-completed forms for us to review and sign, took our temperatures, and took us inside, where a nurse reviewed our information and provided us with our return appointments for our second shot on Feb. 26.

The time in the waiting room was only a few minutes before we were escorted to the private offices of the nurses who administered our injections. A thorough health screening led to the decision for us to wait after our injections for 30 minutes instead the typical 15 minutes. Due to David’s immune deficiency, we were shown to an isolated area to wait the 30 minutes, with the staff checking on us frequently.

The process, from phone intake through post injection waiting period, was organized, efficient, and professional! Feedback from friends and neighbors who received injections that day was also positive. Our experience, and that of others, could not have gone as smoothly as it did without the Suffolk Health Department having done extensive preparation and planning!

Perhaps an article providing an update on the Suffolk Health Department’s plan for conducting Covid injections would be useful to the public!


Doris and David Mitnick