An established inheritance

Published 4:59 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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By Ariane Williams

The year 2020 exposed the heart of the world. It showed us that we were not properly standing on our post.

To establish a thing means “to achieve permanent acceptance.” This thing is our inheritance; it is permanent. We have all been dealing with a mixture of emotions in our lives. Many of us are dealing with issues that we can’t even talk about with our family and friends. In fact, many of our family and friends left the circle, and we are standing in the middle by ourselves. The Holy Spirit says that your circle may look empty or feel empty; He says that He is strengthening it. He is rebuilding it with people that can hold the pressure of the attacks that are on the outside of the circle. You are walking in an established inheritance.

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Before COVID, I was living but I was not truly living based on the permanent, established inheritance that God was waiting for me to possess. You see, the term “established” is past tense, so it is there, waiting for us to take ownership of it. We must begin to take responsibility for our land. Before COVID, we were comfortable in our comfortable. God came and made us a little uncomfortable so that we could move into our assignment. When we don’t move, He will move us. I have been dreaming some new things: building a school, finishing my novel, writing some more plays. Then, my flesh started to speak. You cannot create a school because you will not be able to get a building. You will not be able to finish your novel because you will not have time. You will not be able to write more plays because you will have no one to perform the parts. I began to feel like a failure. The Holy Spirit whispered, “Ariane, I need you to go.” I am preparing to walk into my established inheritance.

One night, I had a dream that I was preparing to go somewhere. The one thing that I remember about the dream was that my mom was braiding my hair. I thought that it was interesting because this was the first time that I dreamed about this new thing. I remember my mom showing me how much new growth I had in my hair. I started to think about that braiding and realized in research that braiding symbolizes “building bridges.” When God gives us insights, visions and dreams, it is consistent with the Word of God. Therefore, God was showing me that all those things that I thought that I could not accomplish were already established and that He was “braiding a bridge” that would be strong enough to hold my assignment as I walk across it. I am currently packing up so that I can travel across this bridge.

Tired from my own strength, I decided to go to God with empty hands. I must go to Him and ask Him to fill the agenda of my life with the plans that He has for my life. I was starting to feel like I was failing when God was building me stronger. He is building me stronger. I encourage you this week to tap into your established inheritance. God is breaking us so that He can give us the filling that we need to carry our weighty vision over the bridge.  I know this place does not feel comfortable. I know this place will have you afraid to confront the world in the morning, afraid to sleep at night, crying all day, isolating yourself, claiming new founded addictions. It is in this place that God will use us to prepare us to walk into our land. God is changing you to transform you. When I walk out my door, I will walk into my school, on a stage or behind a podium. As you touch the doorknob to your house this week and attempt to walk out of it, turn the knob, walk out of the door and into your assigned place: established inheritance.

Ariane Williams is a teacher, minister, published author and liturgical dancer. Email her at