Land Transfers for Feb. 5 – 11

Published 3:17 pm Friday, February 12, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Feb. 5 – 11

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 129 Declaration Lane; $183,400


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River Creek LLC to Malaysia Iashiana McKnight; 1647 Wilroy Unit 101; $249,900

John D Parks to Tidewater Investments 3 LLC; 154 Tynes Street; $78,000

David Louis Nacco to Robert Boissonneault; 1450 Chancellor Court; $180,000

Northampton Associates LLC to Columbia Gas of Virginia; Strawberry Court; $1

Gregory M  Strapach to Nicole P Walker; 218 Archer Drive; $256,900

Thomas A Piscitelli to Lana L Omeaea TR ETC; 103 Beacon Run; $353,000

Billy J Pridgeon to Elaine S Nilsson; 5548 Weatherby Way; $10

AB Homes LLC to Randolph Scott Cornette; 2750 Badger Road; $573,535

Ronald W Nixon to James H Durden Jr; 1280 Freeman Mill Road; $125,000

KFV Homes LLC to Amos Hodnett Jr; 124 Blessings Circle; $349,165

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Christopher M Shelhorse; 1139 White Herons Lane; $390,105

Darryl A Tapp to James Hooper Jr; 3601 Martingale Court; $265,000

Kendrick R Garrett to India S Hawkins; 1010 Silver Charm Circle; $285,000

Mortgage Equity Conversion Assessment to Cedar Homes Investments LLC; $133,000

Bennie L Williams Sr to Linda Elliott; 3669 Indian Trail; $33,100

Warren Oscar Jones TR to Joseph C Archer; Holy Neck Bounded by Brown, Cutchins and Holland; $35,000

David P Miner to Keith E Lowe Jr; 6932 Corinth Chapel Road; $250,000

US Bank National Association to Beamons Mill Trail Property LLC; 409 Beamons Mill Trail; $156,975

Viola Carpenter to KNR Homes LLC; 6401 Whaleyville Boulevard; $42,500

NVR Inc to Kellisia Jocintha Hazlewood; 117 Victory Place; $485,030

Damon L Caldwell to Shanise Nicole Williams; 2025 Freeney Avenue; $140,000

Daniel J Parcetich to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1731 Macedonia Avenue; $13,389

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Christopher Funderburk; Lot 207A West Jericho; $1,500

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Daniels Construction Corp; Powell Ellis Hwy. 32; $3,100

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to F & F Homes LLC; Hatton Hudgins Jackson Hall; $15,800

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Nansemond County Holdings; Lot 5 WS Street 2 Doughtie Land; $1,500

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Katrina Sykes; Lot 5 E+W Sides Streets 1 Doughtie; $1,500

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Nansemond County Holdings; 4th Lot ES of Street 1 Doughtie Land; $2,200

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Maxwell Huebscher; Lot 14F Block K 239 Gloucester St.; $1,500

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Sharmae S Grant; 229 Gloucester Street; $4,000

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Sharmae S Grant; 231 Gloucester Street; $1,500

Treasurer Ronald H Williams to Sharmae S Grant; 233 Gloucester Street; $1,500

Resquiveles LLC to Monta Bivins; 1201 Coastline Avenue; $100,000

Denise Mason to Margo Smith; 104 Tucker Drive; $365,000

Hampton Roads Estate Development to William Tetterton; 136 Greenfield Crescent; $120,000

Richard M Taylor to Joseph R. DePhillips; 48 Holland Corner Road; $108,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to John C Finucan; 368 Blue Stem Court; $663,252

Elizabeth L Pitt to Jay Robert Stabb; 817 Seminole Drive; $220,000

Ruth C Burroughs to Bernadette Forche; 5020 Shoulders Hill Road; $229,000

Garrett J Trotta to David M Mundkowsky Jr; 4113 Pughsville Road; $259,900

Antonio Munoz to Patrick Gasser; 4620 Schooner Boulevard; $355,000

Ronald H Williams Treasurer to Nansemond County Holdings; Lot 7 Charlotte St Pughsville; $1,500

NVR Inc to Serenia Shantelle McCullor; 106 Victory Place; $446,135

Village Pointe LLC to Village Pointe Land LLC; 149 American Way; $748,000

NVR Inc to Nathaniel Morris III; 101 Victory Place; $396,665

Ronald Epps to Brent Hall; 127 Rochdale Lane; $290,000

Douglas Edward Smith to Coastal Virginia Partners LLC; Raleigh Avenue; $95,000

AB Homes LLC to Robert Wyatt Marsiglia; 8440 Gates Road; $461,047

Pro Sold Estate LLC to Robert G Joyner; 1306 Beechwood Avenue; $250,000

Cynthia G Hogan to Kimberly Ann Duda; 716 West Riverview Drive; $285,900