Land Transfers for Feb. 12-18

Published 3:18 pm Friday, February 19, 2021

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Feb. 12 – 18

Bradley H Hall to Rebeka Saige Adams; 207 Catalpha Court; $353,000


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Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 227 Chestnut Street; $10

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Ashley Symone Ducan; 101 Cloverleaf Drive; $354,730

Patricia H King EST to Melanie D Wright; 1536 Lake Speight Drive; $90,000

Jeffrey Van Townsend to Jarrett Johnsons; Sleepy Hole Borough; $13,000

Marsha Elaine Jekins SUC TR to Thomas W Blair; 2957 Kings Hwy; $600,000

Mark T Montogmery to David M Canady Jr; 1450 Cherry Grove Road; $854,400

Suffolk Automotive Service LLC to Suffolk Automotive Care LLC; 807 North Main Street; $325,550

Sylvester Joyner to Fred D Walker; 418 Culloden Street; $8,500

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisitions to CTR Global LC; 511 Turlington Road; $236,250

NVR Inc to Desrea Reaves; 108 Republic Lane; $354,355

Aone Properties LLC to Blake E Von Bargen; 285 Little Fork Road; $426,000

Cheryl O Fontes to Kim Jong Mok; 2034 Soundings Crescent Court; $374,800

Natarsha C Butler to Kamia Cox Hamilton; 4208 Ravine Gap Drive; $365,000

Katherine M Mason to Joshua John McMann; 4425 Godwin Boulevard; $200,00

Meadows Landing Associates LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC; 125 Meadows Landing Lane; $261,750

Planters Station LLC to Evelyn Falcon; 105 Chalmers Drive; $377,950

Planters Station LLC to Mukta B Bhandari; 109 Allis Drive; $319,175

Hampton Roads Holding Company to Harris Living Trust Dated April 1; 4885 Sleepy Hole Road; $474,900

Laura Christine Worth TR ETC to Mark T Dorsey; 6727 Crittenden Road; $1,100,000

Retreat At Bennetts Creek LLP to Stacy Kinyeer Higgins; 133 Creek Front Lane; $475,000

Phillip S Winslow Jr to Michael D McCrickard Jr; 1019 Delaware Avenue; $215,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Nansemond County Holdings LLC; 1.77 Acres PT TR 10 JAS Bowser Plat Civil Law Case #20-1237; $24,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; 360 Great Fork Road; $35,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; 335 North 5th Street; $25,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to AT&K Investments LLC; 1206 Bethlehem Street; $8,650

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to MWM Investments LLC; Part of Lot 74 Block 3 North Jericho Civil Law Case #20-1115; $9,500

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; .055 Acre on Rt. 667 Civil Law Case #20-11; $17,000

Clarence H Brooks SPL COM to Heath Kindle; 1132 Manning Road; $52,000

James C Breakfield to Shane Hatton; Wedgewood Drive; $200,000

Cynthia D McZeal to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 112 Farrand Drive; $24,424

103 Grayson LLC to Awisemancash LLC; 103 Grayson Court; $30,000

Awisemancash LLC to Chaz Cash Homes LLC; 103 Grayson Court; $105,000

Michael S Westerveld to Nathan Vicente; 1603 S River Creek Landing; $245,000

Aaron C Moyer to Sedrick B Kennedy; 202 Cobblestone Reach; $286,000

Kevin P Snashall to Brenda J Snashall; 316 Edward Avenue; $10

Steven W Burch to Caitlan B Brion; 1913 Governors Point Drive; $510,000

Sean A Buckley to Wendy B Williams; 1016 Snead Drive; $287,500

Kristin D Jennings to Dawn D Taylor; 6214 Cushing Street; $289,000

Lucille A Mills to Joseph Bailey; 168 Squire Reach; $172,000

Eric L Welsh to Cova Collective Properties LLC; 6324 Pelican Crescent South; $243,500

Michael K Simms to Said Essabbar; 3610 Cavaletti Chase; $335,000

River Creek LLC to Tasha Smith; 1647 Wilroy Road #105; $264,900

Trevorne A Baird to Robert M Scalice; 1004 Meadows Reach Circle; $305,000

WH Chesapeake LLC to Samuel Alan Simmons; 4416 Coltrane Avenue; $349,900

Lowry Alton Daniels III to Thomas W Blair; Village of Driver Lots 4-17 Block 10; $65,000

Just Right Homes LLC to William C MaCluckie; 4301 Gunston Drive; $209,900