God is always active

Published 5:37 pm Friday, March 26, 2021

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By Tonya S. Swindell

God is always active, even when I am not. He keeps planning and preparing; and He never really stops. When I feel discouraged, He has a plan to heal; and after my storm is over I will have a story to tell.

He’s working on the inside, beyond my skin and flesh, to do something unique so His presence can manifest. His glory combines His goodness and His grandeur all in one. He satisfies and amplifies my ability to overcome.

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Even when I can’t see it He’s working, making changes so amazing in a heart that’s prone to wavering; making crooked places straight, when I lovingly seek His face; changing pride into meekness, giving me strength to replace my weakness.

God is always active, even when I’m passive. He takes me on a journey even as I’m learning. He lets me see myself and that I need a lot of help, to make choices that are better and will lead to optimal health.

He’s working on my mind when it’s hard for me to unwind or to develop new thought patterns around things that really matter. He’s changing circumstances while helping to make advances in areas that aren’t easy in exchange for a life more pleasing.

Even when I feel low, I have a place to go, back down on my knees to develop a sense of peace, to let my light shine and experience the Divine while allowing myself to grow into a woman I’d like to know.

God is always active, even when I get caught behaving in many ways that I really wish I had not. He speaks to my heart while giving a brand new start then guides me to seek peace when I’m feeling torn apart.

He’s working on my actions to produce true satisfaction. He’s giving me new goals to pursue a life that’s whole. He’s teaching me big lessons that are really such a blessing.

Even when I feel tired, He walks right by my side. I may not realize it then, but He treats me like a real friend — convicting but not condemning, always loving and forgiving, making a difference in my life one quiet step at a time.


Tonya Swindell is an occupational therapist. She is also a teacher for Kingdom Building Institute (kingdombuildinginstitute.org). She can be reached at tonyathewriter1@gmail.com.